2 Keys to being a Championship Man

Football has started and I am happy!  It is a little bit of normalcy in what has been an extremely weird year.  One of the things I love about sports is how they relate to life in so many ways.  We can learn a lot of lessons from sports teams, no matter the sport.  One of the things I have noticed about all championship teams is how they talk about the process when they win a championship.  They talk about the off season and all the hard work.  They talk about the adversity and how they overcame.  They show us how the key to their championship was the process.

As men, we all want to be champions.  We want to be a champion man in all we do.  The key to our championship is our process.  Many people use the saying, “Keep your eyes on the prize.”  However, the saying should be, “Keep your eyes on the PROCESS."  The key to your success as a man is the process you live each and every day.  Show me your daily routines and I will be able to tell you how you are doing.  As men, we need to stop looking at the “prize” and start embracing  and working the process.

Embrace the Process

  • Winning teams embrace a process.  They look at what it takes to win a championship and focus on those things.  The teams that usually win the championship, get hyper-focused on the important and usually pay little attention to the distractions.  As men, we need to do that in our life.  We need to look at what are the processes that will take us to the life we dream of and then start focusing on them.

  • If we want to be better dads or better husbands, what processes will make that happen?  They won’t happen by themselves and we won’t stumble on them by accident.  It takes us really getting clear on what we want and how to get there.  Yes, this is hard work, but it is worth it.

Work the Process

  • Once you embrace the process and figure out what it will take, you have to work the process.  This is the hardest part.  Many people can think of what they need to do, but champions actually do it in the day after day.  If we want to be champion men, we must work our process.  There are no shortcuts and no easy ways out of the work.  No one can do it for us, and ignoring it will not fix anything.  

  • Almost every person interviewed after winning a championship talks about the adversity they went through.  This is a key for us to understand.  When we decide to embrace and work our process, it will be hard!  Life will hit us with unexpected garbage and we have to deal with it.  This is a test of our commitment.  We must keep working the process even when it is the most difficult.  Our passion to be a championship man, must be stronger than our adversity.  

The key to your championship as a man is your process.

What is your process?  Do you have one or are you just surviving?

Start defining and embracing your process today!

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