2 Keys to Destroy a Meaningless Existence

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“Mine!!”  Yes, those are the words that every parent hears from their child when they are little.  The amazing aspect of it is we don’t have to teach kids to be selfish.  They flow with selfishness naturally.  In fact, a parents battle is combatting selfishness.  We do that because we know that selfish kids are never happy and blame others for everything.  Do you know anyone else like that now?  I’ve seen 50-year-old men and 20-year-old men deal with the same selfishness, especially when it comes to their “man toys.”  Men who live a selfish lifestyle find out quickly that their life holds little meaning.  They may get “everything” they want, but there is no satisfaction coming with it.  In order to destroy meaninglessness, we must change our view and our purpose in the everyday.

Focus out

  1. The direction of our view controls our focus.   When we focus inward, all our attention is on ourselves and we can easily start to see our problems and situations as the worst around.  We take pity on ourselves and begin to make excuses because we feel sorry for ourselves.  Magnifying our issues and problems becomes a habit and our ability to care for others is hindered because we are too focused on ourselves.

  2. Focusing outward helps us think about others first which completely switches our thought process.  Empathy flows naturally from us and does not have to be forced.  We see people and what they are going through in a genuine way.  This causes compassion to rise up within and motivates us to do something for others.   We develop an attitude of gratefulness and blessing that is transferred to others as we help them.  All these emotions and attitudes give meaning and purpose to our lives and help center us around a real purpose

Give life

  1. Life is full of takers and givers.  Giving life is so much more fun than taking life.  Imagine if we spent the day thinking of ways to give life to all those we come in contact with on a daily basis.  Here are a few easy ways you can give life to others and bring purpose to your day:

  2. Smile – Our smile could encourage people throughout the day.

  3. Encouragement – Let people know you believe in them and their abilities.

  4. Compliments – Imagine if we looked for genuine compliments when we interact with people.

  5. Patience – Our patience could give a server or a checkout person the blessing they need for the day.

  6. There are many other ways you can give life.   Giving life at home is the most important place to start.  Home is where we relax, but that does not mean we get selfish.   When you look for ways to give life to those you live with, you are starting a trend that will make your home a greater place to live.  Do not wait for someone else in the family to start!  Be the leader and be the life giver!

Imagine what could happen if men began to focus out and give life every day?

Imagine what could happen if the guy who looks back from the mirror at you everyday changes his focus and begins to speak life?

The time to start is now!


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