2 Reasons Every Man Needs Clarity

Recently I was preparing an old iPad to sell.  I pulled it out and went to reset it so all the memory would be erased.  As it was clearing and resetting, I noticed the screen.  It was covered in fingerprints and smudges.  When the iPad is on, I never really noticed it, but once I could actually see the screen and not the background, I knew it needed a good cleaning.

As men, there are times in our life where we need to see clearly.  Clarity is something that many of us think we have, but too often we are wrong.  The problem is we are only inside our own minds and that causes us to see everything in a way that gives ourselves the benefit of the doubt.  We are like the people who can’t sing going on American Idol back in the day.  The thought they were a great singer until they went before the judges.  The judges gave them a sense of clarity.  As men, we should seek to bring clarity into our own life.  This is hard, but necessary to be a great man.  There are two reasons every man should seek clarity.

Clarity Shows Us Reality

  • When we see with clarity, we see the reality of whatever situation we are currently living.  We see the truth of how we act as husbands or fathers.  We see the tensions between our desire to be selfish and our desire to serve.  Clarity is like a mirror.  You can wear clothes that hide and flatter you, but stand naked before a mirror and you see with clarity what you need to work on.  

  • Reality can be scary and hard and that is why so many men deny living with clarity.  They prefer the soft pillow of intentions over the concrete actions of reality.  Intentions make us feel better but never take us anywhere.  Actions are harder, but bring about accomplishments.  As men, we must seek to look with clarity at all the situations in our life so we are able to know where we need to take actions.

Clarity Opens the Door for Change

  • Clarity must always come before meaningful change.  Men who try to change without understanding the full reasons why, will usually stop somewhere along the way.  When a man sees with clarity how his own laziness has hurt his physical health, he is in a better place to change.  Clarity provides the motivation that is needed to do the heavy lifting of genuine change.

  • Change is difficult for every man and clarity helps them to have the stamina during the hard times.  Clarity also helps them to see what areas are the most important to change first.  Too many men try to change everything at once.  They rush into a flurry of activity only to burn themselves out and never accomplish anything.  When they have clarity, they can see the priorities and start with the most important and put all their energy into it first.  This increases their chances for long term success.

Want to gain clarity in your life?  I’m doing a special Challenge called The Focused Man Challenge just for you.  

It is a 4 day challenge that will help you gain clarity and begin to cut through the overwhelm of life.

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