2 Signs You Are Being Controlled

I was at a show recently that had Sea Lions as a part of the show.  They had a scene where they acted out and they were hilarious.  It was like they had comic timing or something.  As I watched, I saw that the person interacting with them would use hand gestures that the sea lion would follow.  When they did the action, they got praise and some fish.  I started thinking about how the sea lions weren't performing for the crowd or the applause, they were performing for the affirmation and the fish.

As men, we never like to feel controlled.  We hate it when we think that someone else controls our life.  We like to feel independent and free; however, many of us are being controlled and we don’t see it.  We need to look for the signs that we are being controlled

Sign 1: The Affirmation Source

  • Everyone likes affirmation.  When someone tells us we did a good job or they are proud of us, it feels good.  There is nothing wrong with that and it is something that is natural for every man.  The problem is when our lives are focused on outward affirmation instead of inward affirmation.

  • When a man lacks inward confidence, he will seek affirmation from outside sources.  By seeking it from the outside, men actually give up control of their own life.  They give the control to whatever affirms them.  When we live for the affirmation of someone or a group, we actually give them control of our life and our destiny.  Outward validation comes at the price of inward worth.  

Sign 2: The Stuff Hunger

  • We may not be like a sea lion and work for small fish, but how many men live their lives for stuff?  They want more and more and they live their lives to obtain more stuff because the stuff makes them think they are living a successful life.  Success has nothing to do with stuff.  Stuff wears out and gets old, but many men live only to see the next stuff they can obtain.

  • Stuff never satisfies.  It wears out or we consume it, so why would we let something like that control us as men?  Too many men live for possessions, money, or position and they act just like a sea lion, doing whatever they can to get more.  This means that the stuff controls them.  They do not control themselves as men and will never be satisfied living to obtain more and more. Where do you get your affirmation, from outside things, people, or from within?

Do you see yourself living for some outward affirmation because you lack the inward confidence?

Do you find yourself always working hard to get more stuff?  Has the stuff ever really satisfied you?

If you see one of these signs in your life, you are being controlled and now is the time to break free.  Too many men can’t live the adventure they were designed to live because they have given up control.  


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