2 Things Procrastination Can Teach Us As Men

I often ride through my neighborhood and see my neighbor’s lawns and get a case of lawn envy.  Many of the lawns look so good and you can tell they take good care of them.  I often think to myself, “I want a lawn like that.”  However, the truth is I don’t really want to put the time it takes to have a lawn like that.  After I cut my grass, I usually just want to get back inside and be done.  So what do I do?  I procrastinate and never do focused work on my lawn.  I do just enough to get by.

Procrastination means you put something off habitually and intentionally and it is something that every man deals with.  However, I don’t think it is always a bad thing.  In fact, many times if we are willing to listen, our procrastinations can teach us some things about ourselves.

Procrastination Reveals our Comfort Level

  • When we procrastinate, we need to ask ourselves the why behind our procrastination.  This can help us to see that the motivation has more to do with our comfort level than anything else.  We know that moving will force us out of our comfort level and we don’t want to move.  We are conformable where we are at or we fear the discomfort it would take to learn something new or try something new.  Many times we see this with people as they get older and refuse to learn new technology.  It makes them uncomfortable so they just avoid it altogether.  

  • Once we realize that it is a matter of our own comfort, we have a choice to make. Do we lean into the discomfort and seek to learn something new, or do we continue to procrastinate and avoid the discomfort?  Learning new things can be uncomfortable but usually the issue we deal with is our own feelings.  Our discomfort makes us feel dumb or like a child so we just seek to avoid it.  The sad part of this is how little we grow when we adopt this attitude.

Procrastination Reveals Our Focus

  • Too often we find ourselves being lazy because we are trying to focus on our weaknesses instead of our strengths.  When something is a weakness, we don’t really like it and it doesn’t energize us, therefore we procrastinate and try to avoid it.  This doesn’t mean we can avoid all things we are weak in, but it does mean we evaluate if something is getting too much of our time and energy.  As men, we often try to be great at everything and we need to get to the point of understanding that we are just better at somethings and worse at others.  That doesn’t make us less as a man, it actually helps us to identify where our focus should be.

  • When we focus on areas of weakness, we will find ourselves procrastinating, but areas of strength usually energize us.  Now we should make sure that our weaknesses aren’t so weak that they hurt our strengths, but your most productive and beneficial aspects of life will come from your strengths and not your weaknesses.  Often we can learn what our strengths are by seeing where we are naturally focused.

Are you trying to be good at everything?

Do you find yourself procrastinating a whole lot?

See if your procrastination is teaching you something about yourself.

Work on building your strengths up and you will make more of an impact in your world!

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