2 Ways to be a Super Smash Dad

My video game skills are severely lacking.  However, there was a game I would play with my kids and their friends sometimes and that was Super Smash Brothers.  This game is a great equalizer for people like me who had no hope, becasue we could last a little longer than normal.  The key was to pick one player and learn their moves.  You didn’t really have to worry about much else as long as you knew your character.  Now the people who were really good, were the ones who knew their players moves and your player’s moves.  They usually won the whole thing, however most everybody had a favorite character they would pick.  Why did they pick a favorite?  Because they knew the most about that character.

As a dad, you take a similar approach to your children.  Now that doesn’t mean you learn you children so they can beat up the neighbors kids, although that can be tempting at times.  It means you learn your kids so they can be your favorite character as a dad.  Too many dads think that they just need to provide and take their kids to events, but being a good dad is so much more.  You have to choose to make each of your children your favorite by how you act towards them.  You do this in 2 ways: You Learn Them, & You Claim Them.

Learn Them

  • Learning your character in Super Smash means figuring out all of their combos, strengths and weaknesses.  For your children, you take the same approach in a lifelong way.  You seek to always be learning about them and where they are at in their life.  You don’t assume that you know because you were once a kid.  That was a while back and everything is different, plus your child is a lot like you, but they aren’t you.  They are unique and one of the greatest honors as a dad is to figure out what make them unique

  • Dad’s must be relationally pursuing their children, all the time.  They can’t always wait for their children to come to them, they must pursue their children and seek to learn them.  The older person should always pursue the relationship with the younger.  That is how we were designed and kids always respond when their dad “wants” to be with them.  This might mean learning how to get into their world, but it will be worth it.  If you do this when your kids are little, they will want a relationship with you as they get older.

Claim Them

  • When Super Smash starts, everyone picks their character and it is amazing how many people pick their favorite character and tell everyone else not to pick them.  They are claiming their character.  As Dads, we should claim our children and declare that they are ours.  This means that not only do we claim ownership, but that we will take responsibility for our kids.  We are proud to call them ours and want to give them our name.

  • This is important because too many dads are giving up their rights to their children to teachers and coaches.  A great teacher and coach are good for our kids, but they are to supplement what we are doing as dads.  We can’t stop our influence over our kids just because a “coach” said they had to do something.  The coach isn’t their parent and they usually don’t want to be!  As dads, our kids are our responsibility and we have a role to play in their lives that no one else can do for us.  We must take the time to claim our kids and be active in pouring into their lives.

These 2 things are the beginning steps to you being a Super Smash Dad.  

It is never too late to start and progress is better than perfection, so start learning and claiming your kids today!

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