3 Keys for the Uphill Struggle

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Riding a bike downhill is my favorite part of riding a bike.  I’ve been riding a lot lately training for a triathlon I have coming up and going downhill makes me feel like I’m the man!  The speed is exhilarating and I’m making great progress, however there is always an uphill to go with the downhill.

Sometimes in life we feel like we are going downhill.  Everything is rolling and doing well.  However, sometimes we are going uphill.  Things can be tough and we feel like we are moving really slow.  Those are discouraging times and some people quit trying.  When we are facing an uphill journey, let’s remember 3 key things.

Life has Uphills and Downhills

  1. Life has many moments of ups and downs.  Some of them happen naturally, and some of them are our own fault.  The key to remember is any uphill can be turned into a downhill.

  2. Debt is a great example of this.  We can sometimes get ourselves in trouble with debt and face the challenge of a long uphill climb to get out of debt.  Discouragement can scream at us when things are hard, but we must start by making the decision to climb.

Decisions Start the Move

  1. When facing a long uphill struggle, we must choose to ride it.  To overcome something like debt starts with a decision.  The decision to get help, start a budget, do extra work, etc…  All of these are uphill decisions.

  2. Too many people see the long uphill and avoid the decision.  They make excuses or just distract themselves through other means, but the hill is still there and the decision must be made.  Choosing to go up the hill takes discipline and perseverance, but remember a downhill will come.

Daily Decisions to the Top

  1. Once the decision to climb the hill is made, we must keep working to overcome the hill.  This take regular daily decisions to keep climbing.  If we are trying to climb the hill of weight loss, the daily decisions are the key to overcoming.  The same is true of debt or any hard hill we choose to climb.

  2. The everyday decisions must be our focus. When we begin making the daily decisions over and over, we get to the top of the hill.  Then the momentum will carry us through to the downhill part.  When people start getting out of debt, there is momentum as they move closer to payoff.  This happens in every area of our life when we keep making the positive decisions.

Are you going through an uphill time? Don’t quit!!  Keep pushing and making the daily decisions because there will be a downhill eventually.

What area is your current uphill?  Let me know in the comments below.


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