A Man's Need for Movement

Too many men are sitting on the sidelines of life instead of getting into the game. As men, we need movement in our life. We were designed to be men of action. However, too many men are busy waiting for the "perfect time" to take action. Here are a few truths about movement all men need to understand

Movement not Perfection

As men we need to embrace movement in our life, but too many men struggle with waiting till everything is perfect. George Patton said, "A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week."

Perfection can paralyze us as men, but we have to remember that perfection is impossible. Men need to just switch from a perfection mindset to an improvement mindset. To keep seeking to get better.

We have to careful of comfort as men. Comfort can be dangerous and can keep us from pushing ourselves to grow.

As we grow and find improvement, we build momentum. If we want only perfection, we will breed discouragement.

Movement with Purpose

Busyness isn't movement but many men fill their lives with busyness to hide the fact that they aren't really growing and learning new things. Busyness is a drug because it makes us feel like we are getting something done, but we aren't really going anywhere in our life. This is a waste of our energy as men.

One of the best ways to focus your energy as a man is with purpose. We need a purpose that is outside of ourselves. Selfish purposes don't help others and hurts us as men.

Purpose bring meaning to movement. When we are living with purpose there is more meaning to our life.

The men who make the most difference in the world are the ones who bring purpose to their movement

Movement in Stages

One of the keys of movement for men is understanding the season of life they are in at the moment. This helps us to focus on the important stuff at each stage and have the right expectations. Men go through many stages in life: single, married, dad of small kids, dad of teens, dad of college kids, empty nester, retired. At each stage we have to understand the movement needed for each stage.

Each of these stages require different roles and action for men. Men should focus on the stage they are in and not try to always be looking ahead or backwards.

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