A Man’s Precious

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

 Lord of the Rings is one of my favorite all-time movies.  I also love the books.  Gollum, a character from Lord of the Rings, loves a ring so much, he will do anything to get it and keep it.  He calls the ring his “precious.”  However, the ring isolates him and eventually destroys him.  I have seen many men who have a “precious” in their life.  Something they love so much they do not realize that it is isolating them and causing destruction in their life.   The precious things in men’s lives usually aren’t powerful rings created by dark lords, but are everyday things that own the appetites of men.  Men have strong appetites, which is normal and healthy, but if those appetites get out of control destruction usually follows close behind.  Men should ask themselves some key questions to discover their precious.

What Appetite Owns Me?

  1. The first question deals with ownership.  Who or what owns men today?  Do they own their own feelings and thoughts or are they controlled by other people or society as a whole.  Too many men today do not know how they feel because they never really think about it.  They don’t process their feelings, they box them up. (I have a post about that called Brain Box). The issue with boxing up their feelings means that many men never even realize they are being controlled by something or someone.  If a man does not know the reasons behind his thoughts and feelings, he doesn’t control them.

What Appetite Wins?

  1.  Men have to get honest about some of the tough areas of their life.  What areas win the New Year’s resolutions of their life?  Many men are 0-20 with their promises to change.  They have made promise after promise to change but end up in the same old rut of defeat to their “precious.”  Too many men do not even try to battle until they have lost their family or nearly lost their life.  Each man must be willing to sound their own wake-up call and stop waiting for someone else to do it.  The excuse of, “That’s just the way I am,” does not fit if a man wants to live his own adventure.  The adventure life attacks those areas of passiveness and does whatever is necessary to change them.

Your appetites do not have to be out of control!  You can own them and win the war.  The first step to freedom comes from honesty with yourself and with some close friends.  The next step we have to take is getting help.  Too many men try to win the battle on their own but too often they have just learned to accept defeat.  Don’t accept defeat!  Enter the battle and be willing to fight for your own freedom.

What precious’ have you battled over the years?


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