Adventure Life Directors

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Directors of movies take a screenplay and bring it to life.  They control all the artistic aspects of a film.  Some directors do so well that become as famous as the movie stars.  The role of director is incredibly important for any movie.  If they do a bad job, the movie will never become what it could be. If you want to live an adventure it takes direction.  Someone has to direct your life and that someone is you.  You must take the reins and direct your own life.  This means you take responsibility for the direction of your life.  You visualize what you want your life to look like and take responsibility for making it happen.  As a director of your life, you must control the story, and make the day to day story decisions

Control the Story

  1. Movie directors take the screenplay and bring it to life.  As a man, you are responsible for taking the story you want your life to be and make it happen.  This means you must have a story!  Too many men are not living a story, they are surviving.  That is why they feel very little satisfaction and why some just check out mentally from their life.  Without a story, movies are lost.  Without a purpose guiding you as a man, you are lost.

  2. You purpose is your story.  You have to dive into the deep end of life and start figuring out your story.  This does not mean to drop all of your current responsibilities and run away.  You figure your story out as you find your purpose and begin to live it out.  Too many men are living for the purposes of financial or work achievements, but those are empty goals that do not really bring life.  Men need a purpose that is worthy of their life.  This gives them something to direct

Day to Day Story Decisions

  1. Directors of movies are responsible for guiding the day to day decisions of what they are doing on a project based on their vision of the film.  You are responsible for the day to day decisions of your life to fulfill your purpose.  No one makes the decisions for you, but everyone will offer you excuses to put the decisions off.  However, your life story takes your decisions everyday.

  2. Our little daily decisions are the key for the long-term decisions of our life.  Big decisions are only a culmination of little decisions.  If we have not made the right little decisions, we will not make the right big decisions.  As a man, you must take responsibility for your little decisions and make them fit the purpose of your life.

No one can direct your life but you.  You decide each day what you do and who you listen to.  If you don’t have a purpose guiding your story, your story will never be something great.

Why do you think so many men have a hard time directing their own life? Let me know in the comments or on the davidthemaxwell Facebook page.

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