Adventure Life Production

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In a movie, the role many people never really think about when they see the credits is the producer.  The producer brings the movie together and oversees all the aspects of the movie.  They hire the director and oversee the overall production of the movie.  In our life, we often forget the producer role.

If your life resembles a movie, you have to make sure someone is producing it.  Who is producing your movie or your life?  Too often we live thinking we have no control over what happens.  The reality for us remains that we are the producer of our life.  Here are a couple of questions to help you start thinking about how to produce your adventure life:

What is the cost of your adventure life?

  1. Producers oversee the budget of a movie.  You oversee the reality of your life and what it takes for you to live the adventure life.  Where are you investing your time and energy?  This question determines your priorities.  Too many men live each day in survival mode with no real sense of direction.

  2. Someone has to decide the priorities of a movie and that is the producer.  Someone has to decide your priorities and that is you.  Excuses will not work here because no one else can produce your life.  You may have had bad things happen to you, but you still produce your life and you pick the priorities.  The challenge for men today begins with their willingness to pay the necessary price to get the life they want.

Who will be on your adventure life team?

  1. Producers cannot make a movie by themselves, just like men should not try to live an adventure life by themselves.  We need a team to help us move ahead with the life we want to live.  You need friends and coaches to speak into your life and help you.  Oftentimes, men think they have to do everything themselves with no outside help.  This is ridiculous, we all need coaching in our life and we all need a team around us.

  2. Picking a team begins with your needs.  What do you need to produce your adventure life?  You may need to build up a small group of friends who can help each other grow.  You may need to invest in books, or virtual coaching programs to help you grow.  All of these are opportunities to speed up your growth and help you produce the life you want.  Quit trying to do it all yourself!  Go start building a team today.

Producing your life takes diligence and hard work.  Be encouraged to know that every man is doing the same thing, but you don’t have to do it by yourself.  You can be the producer and build a team to help you reach the adventure life you have always dreamed of.  Don’t quit!  Whenever you get discouraged, watch the end credits of a movie to see how many people it takes to make a two hour movie.  Then go start building your team

What are the biggest obstacles for men trying to build their adventure life?

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