Attitude Adjustment Part 1

I am a cat owner.  There I said it, don’t judge me!  Cats are low maintenance and dogs are super high maintenance.  I am stating this fact clearly because I have to make a confession that for a long time I denied letting people know I had cats.  When I used to take my cats (yes, I had two….shut up), to the groomer to have them clipped, I would try to sneak in so no one would see me.  I would bring my cats in and would be the only male in the room (no, that didn’t help.)  One time, one lady got down on the floor and looked in my carrier to talk to my cat!  At that moment, I promised myself, I am not one of them!!  However, I was there……I owned two cats……. Yes, I was one of them…Although in my defense, I would never get on the floor and talk to someone else cat, I have some self respect!

This story is an example of me owning and taking responsibility for the fact that I am a cat person.  I could deny all I want but everyone else who knew me saw the truth.  Our attitudes are like that.  We have bad attitudes or toxic attitudes and we deny it, but everyone else sees it.  As men, we need to step up and start dealing with our own attitudes.  We must commit to the journey within.

Starting Your Journey

  • We can own our attitude when we begin to admit that we have one.  We do this by taking the journey into our own minds and looking at inner motivations and reasonings.  Too many men never dive into their own thoughts or dig to see why they act the way they do.  

  • We must have courage and begin asking ourselves the why questions: “Why do I react like that?” “Why do I lose control?”  “Why can’t I explain how I really feel?” “Why don’t I know what I really feel?”  Asking these questions, will be the first step in a journey of owning our attitude.

Continuing Your Journey

  • Questions help us begin the process of knowing ourselves and our own attitude.  However, we must move past the questions and begin the process of going through our different motivations and attitudes.  We must seek to understand our attitudes and why they are there.  

  • Getting in touch with our feelings is not like a bad comedy where a bunch of men sit in a circle and cry.  You can understand why you feel sad, but that doesn’t mean you have to cry.  Men have strong emotions and they need to learn how to use them to empower their journey as men.  When we truly get in touch with our thoughts and feelings we will be stronger men and stronger leaders.  Our ability to make a difference in other people’s lives and in the world will increase exponentially!

Why do you have the attitudes that you do?

Have you ever really thought about it or do you just deal with it and make everyone else deal with it?

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