Attitude Adjustment Part 2

My saga as a cat owner does get more interesting.  (You can read about part one of the saga here) My wife loved long haired cats so we got Persians at the shelter.  Persians are very hairy and they have to be clipped a couple of times a year.  Nobody told me that when we got the cat, but Persians are stupid cats who can’t take care of their own fur!  It gets matted and so we have to have them clipped.  Of course since they are a cat, they have to be put to sleep to clip them.  So guess who gets to pay almost $100 each time….. yep your right, I do!  Why do I get to pay?  They are my cats, they are my responsibility. Life is like that, when we have to pay the bill, we are responsible.  Too many men are not taking responsibility for their attitude and they are hurting themselves and those around them.  Let’s look at some of the realities we should deal with when it comes to our thoughts.

Pay the Bill

  • Bills go to the responsible person.  As men, we must take responsibility for our attitude and quit trying to give the bill to someone else.  This means we not only own our attitude, but we control it.  We keep the responsibility for our attitude and do the necessary work to keep it focused and in a good direction.

  • Too many men live their lives not taking responsibility for their own attitude.  They say things like, “Everyone’s against me,” or “Nobody understands me…” These are excuses that sound good and feel good, but they deny the reality that our attitude is ours alone.  Things in life may have happened that were not our fault, but our attitude will always be our responsibility.

Deny the Bill

  • When we don’t take responsibility for our attitude, we give away control.  When we give away control of our attitude, we give up the right to change it.  When we keep control of our attitude and take responsibility for it, we seek ways to change it.  As men, we cannot wait until situations get so bad we “have” to change.  We should start looking for ways to own and change our own attitude.  This may mean getting help but that is part of how we take responsibility.

  • So many men feel hopeless because they think they cannot change.  They feel like they have messed up too much and so they give up.  Some men have had bad things happen to them and they get so discouraged they quit.  Many men buy the lie that if they could just start over, things would be different, however wherever they go to start over, their attitude will still be with them.  We can run away from the bill of our attitude allow want, but it will always catch up to us.

What are some of the attitudes you need to start taking responsibility for today?

Who can help you own your attitude?

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