Birthday Permission

Oftentimes birthdays are days we give ourselves permission.  Permission to eat more cake, or go to a favorite restaurant and indulge.  Recently I had a birthday and it was very different for me.  I wrote in my journal about how I’m at a stage of life that I never expected and I’m still trying to figure out how to process it and move ahead.  Then I started letting myself dream about the future.  It was an exciting exercise that has really opened my mind up. What if we used birthdays as a day to review our life and look ahead to our future.  What if we did celebrate the past, but then we looked toward the future?  Let’s make our birthdays a time to assess and celebrate our lives, but then still dream about the future.

Permission to Assess

  • We need to give ourselves the permission to look honestly at our current life.  This means we deal with the facts and the realities of our situation.  This can be difficult for many because they may not like everything they see.  Our society has taught us that if something isn’t comfortable or we don’t like it, we just hide from it.  However, this doesn’t help us deal with the truth of where we are currently in our life.

  • We must learn to look at our lives with reality and not judgement.  Often times we assume that an assessment puts us in a place of judgement, but we must learn to assess without the judgement.  We may not be living the lives that we dreamed of as a child, but we are living!  Why get focused on what we thought as a 16 year old, when we should deal with our life as it is today.  Assessments are not meant to figure out the “how” we got to where we are, but to help us to honestly assess the truth of where we are today.

Permission to Adventure

  • No matter what our assessment says, we must give ourselves the permission to change and start living an adventure.  An adventure as a man is exploring and engaging in our full-potential.  This means we forget about childhood fantasy and live our very best right now.  We may have to make some serious changes in our current life, but we can do that!  We can get help, coaching, and friends who can assist us in our growth. 

  • Adventures never feel like an adventure when we are on them.  They become adventures when we look back on them.  We should focus on living each day to the best of our abilities and get help where we need it.  Meaning is not found in the big moments of life, but is found in the everyday moments of life.  Our perspective must change and we must look at the adventure that can be lived daily.  Instead of focusing on, “What could have been,” we should focus on, “What could be."

Let’s change our birthdays from a cake fest to a life fest.  Take some time on your next birthday to really look at where you are in life and where you want to go.  Of course, you can do this while you eat cake!!

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