Campfire vs Wildfire

I’m not a big camping guy. I tried Boy Scouts when I was younger but didn’t get into it at all! However, the one thing that I loved about camping was the campfire. Just sitting and watching the flames dance was fascinating. In fact, I built a fire pit in my backyard to watch the flames, and of course eat s’mores.

Contained fire has purpose and brings pleasure. Wildfire is the complete opposite. A fire in your fireplace is nice, but a fire in the middle of your living room is destructive. Our passions are the flames of our life as men and we must choose what type of flame we will have.


  • Passion that is out of control acts like a wildfire.  It brings destruction and pain to our lives. Too many men live with uncontrollable passions and it hurts them and those they are in relationship with.  

  • Unfortunately our society often encourages this type of behavior. They offer excuses to young men for their lack of self control by saying things like, “that’s just the way they are” or “it’s no big deal.”  However, many young men are taught to allow their passions to always win. This is a bad habit that will hurt them as they grow older. 


  • A fire contained can be used to benefit. Men who learn to control and contain their passions open up the door to a power source for their life. They are able to channel their passions towards a purpose that brings a positive difference to their lives and those they are close to. 

  • Containing passion may not be easy, but it can be done. The men who do this are usually the ones who leave a positive legacy. Those who don’t may be successful in the short term but they usually end up destroying themselves or what they have built

Are your passions a wildfire or a campfire?

I have a free resource to help men with their passions.

It’s called the 3 Day Dare and it is a video series designed to help men learn how to use their passion as their power source for their life. You can get it HERE.

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