Career Ending Injuries

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Football season is in full swing and I am excited!  I enjoy watching football, especially college football; however, the injuries that can happen in a game are my least favorite part.   Some people love to watch injuries and see the gross injury up close.   I usually close my eyes or turn the channel.  I feel too bad for the players.  What if this injury is career ending?  What will they do if they cannot play their sport anymore?

Many men today have suffered what seems like a career ending injury.  Not from a sport but from life.  Life has hit them hard and sometimes it was their fault and sometimes it was outside their control.  How it happened does not matter as much as the fact that it happened.  Many of these men have taken themselves out of the sport of life.  They are existing and surviving, but not really playing the game.  What can we do to help men like that today?  Here are a couple of tips.

Start with Who

  1. Men who have suffered an injury from life must start with looking at themselves.  They could have lost a job, made some bad financial decisions, or some other outward thing.  The other possibility is they did something stupid and messed up their life relationally with a spouse or their kids.  These are legitimate issues, but the focus cannot start with those.  The focus must start with the who.  Who are they as a man? Men need to look at themselves first.

  2. Everyone makes mistakes, but men need to get inside themselves when bad things happen.  If it is their fault, they need to look at the why behind the what.  They may struggle with addiction or intimacy, but they will never understand that if they do not look within.  Just like players go to a tent to get checked out, men need to look within and begin dealing with their injuries or they will never get better.  If the injury came from an event outside their control, they need to look within and recognize that who they are is not defined by outside circumstances.

Plan a Comeback

  1. The fun of sporting events really shines when one team has the lead but the other team makes a tremendous comeback.  We love watching those stories and those games.  Men need to see that a comeback is always possible for them.

  2. They may never be able to completely fix all the damage done, but they can look within and change and live different for the second half. Men need to quit allowing circumstances or their own stupidity to take them out of the game.  Life needs men to step up and lead.  Even if they have made some big mistakes, they need to see that a comeback can always happen as long as they do not quit.

Do you know someone who has been taken out with an injury?  Whether it was their fault or not, you can help them have a great comeback. Maybe they need to hear that there is a second half in their life.  Pride has taken too many men out of the game.  Be a brother to them and let them know you still believe in them.  Every man goes through battles, they should never go through it alone.


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