Dad Tips: Interview with Dr Cam

Positive Influences for Dads

  • Build a relationship with your kids

  • Get into their world

  • Be curious about them and let them teach you stuff

  • Laugh with them

  • Be a student of your child

Negative Influences for Dads

  • Being in provider mode instead of involved mode

  • Not listening to them and showing you care

  • Dreaming for them instead of letting them dream

  • Getting too focused on appearances

Husband/Wife Relationships

  • The relationship affects the kids

  • If there is tension between you as a couple, the kids will see it

  • Be open with them about what is going on without giving them all the details

  • Make sure your parenting styles are on the same page

Divorced Dad Tips

  • Spending time with them and listening to them are the #1 thing for connection

  • Don't try to cram all your dad advice, etc... into a short visit

  • Don't tear their mother down in front of them

  • They don't want stuff from you, they want you

Step-Dad Tips

  • Work to get to know the children in a genuine relationship

  • Don't come in and try to be the "parent" without a relationship

Dad of Young Children Tips

  • Don't have a negative expectation of the teen years

  • Understand that as they grow, you are helping them to be more independent

Dad of Teens Tips

  • It's never too late to build a relationship

  • They want a better relationship with you

  • Focus on them and make it about them

  • Take it slow and don't try to rush a relationship

  • Build trust with small steps and listening

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