Decluttering the Male Mind

What goes on in a man's mind? Is it a vast void filled with thoughts of food and sex?

Is there more going on in the male mind?

I think there is a lot more going on, but many men struggle to know what's going on because their mind is full of brain boxes.

Brain Box Positives

Men have boxes to help us deal with stress. When we are in a stressful situation, we have the ability to focus on one thing at a time.

For soldiers, this helps them in battle and athletes also use this ability during their competitions. The ability to focus on one thing and close everything else out is often what helps athletes become the best in their individual sport.

We can use this to our advantage as men. As men, we can use our brain boxes to focus on the priorities of our life.

When we are trying to live a specific way or change our current habits, it takes focus.

This is what we are good at and we should use that ability.

Brain Box Negatives

The danger of our brain boxes is we can tend to put things in them that we do not want to think about and never deal with them. We live in denial of issues because we just choose not to think about it.

The problem with boxes piling up is that they block us from getting to the important boxes of our life. This is why men can focus on something as unimportant as golf, Fortnite or work, while their marriage and family are falling apart.

They are either scared or do not know how to get rid of the boxes that are in the way of them getting to the important boxes. To compensate, they just deny the boxes are even there: “That stuff doesn’t bother me, etc..."

We must learn to deal with our mental clutter or we will never be able to live a principled life.

Brain Box Clutter

The hardest thing for men to do is to deal with their brain box clutter. Many have never learned and are copying an unhealthy model they saw in their father or another man in their life.

Some men live their whole lives surrounded by boxes of mental clutter and never even know it because they do not know how to see their life that way.

The first step for many men is recognition. They must begin to see that there are too many boxes piling up in their mind and they are getting in the way of their life.

When a man has never dealt with childhood trauma or neglect, he has brain boxes.

The pain of rejection or lack of love in their life can easily leave piles of boxes in their brain.

Too many men are living their whole life trying to deal with the insecurities of things that happened when they were young and do not even realize it.

They must begin the process of opening up the brain boxes, especially the uncomfortable ones and dealing with them or they will clutter up their mind and keep them from the life they were designed to live.

Start Decluttering!

You have to start decluttering your brain box and it starts by being willing to get inside your own mind and do the work

Get someone to go along with you

Get mental and emotional coaching. That is also known as counseling and it is a big help.

When you can clear your mind and focus it, you gain unlimited power to make a positive impact in your world.

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