First in Line

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Elementary school is a weird time in all of our lives.  At that age, many of us clamored to be first in line.  We wanted to lead the way and show how good we were to everyone.  The funny thing is when we get older many of us back off from going first.  We no longer want to be first in line or first in anything.  Safety takes over and we usually wait to see what happens before going first in anything.  The struggle for many men happens when they stop trying to being first in their own line.

No one else can be first in our line.  Our line is our life and we have to lead ourselves.   Everyone is first when it comes to how they choose to live.  No matter what the history of our life has been or how people have influenced us, we still choose how we live.  The problem for many of us is we have stopped being first in line when it comes to our attitudes and our actions.

First in Attitude

  1. Everything starts in our minds.  Our attitudes and thoughts do affect every part of our life.  Our attitudes must be brought under our responsibility if we are to truly lead ourselves.  Too many men give up the power of their own thoughts and let other people or other things influence their attitude.

  2. Statements like, “You make me so angry,” give us an example of how we give up control of our thoughts to other people.  Get around someone who watches the 24 hour news cycle and see how it affects their attitude!  We must lead ourselves when it comes to our thoughts because everything in our life flows from our attitude.

First in Action

  1. Many people live their life waiting on other people to go first.  Our society seems to have a natural peer pressure that causes many of us to sit back and let someone else go.  Imagine if all the men decided to break from that passive state and started being leaders and taking action in their own life?  What would our society look like if men decided to not go passive, but were always willing to go first and be the positive example to others.

  2. The scary part of going first is failing, but imagine if we gave ourselves permission to fail.  Failure is not final, unless we choose to never try again.  When our attitude toward failure changes, our willingness to go first increases.  We move from the passive life to the proactive life.

We must take charge of our attitudes and our actions.  When we choose to take responsibility for what we think and what we do, we can become a conduit for change in our world.

What keeps you from being first in your own line?

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