Forming Your Band of Brothers Pt 2

Guys love to do stuff together. They will talk but its usually while doing something like watching a game, playing video games, eating food, etc.... This is a big part of building a band of brothers. You want to create these times of connecting because through them you can find guys you want in your band of brothers. A band of brothers are a group of men you do life with and connect with regularly. They aren't friends you see only once a year or once every five years. As you connect with men through events you can look for Allies among the men and then with those men you create a Free Fire Zone.

  • Find Allies

  • Once you start getting together with men, you look for those you connect with

  • You don't have to be around guys you don't like, but don't discount guys on first impressions. Get to know them

  • See who you naturally gravitate to as you get to know them

  • Trade skills with some of these men.

  • Everyone is good at something and one thing every man likes is helping someone else. One of the best things you can do to get to know someone better is ask for help

  • When you are asking someone for help you are actually honoring them

  • Create a Free Fire Zone

  • Once you start building a group of allies into a band of brothers, you need to create a Free Fire Zone. It is a zone where men feel open and enjoy being together. It is a place where they can get help and challenge each other to do better as men. Two of the key elements are fun and life, plus trust and openness.

  • Fun and Life

  • Men like having fun and they really like having fun together. To start building a band of brothers, be the guy who plans fun things to do together. Don't sit around waiting for someone else to do it. Start with things you like and find people who like them to

  • Trust and Openness

  • This starts with you being your authentic self when you are with other men. Work to keep your mask off and be real with them. Don't try to impress or show off to the other men.

  • Other men will see they can trust you to be yourself and that will help them to trust and bring openness from their life. Openness cannot be forced and if you try to force yourself or another man it will be weird. Just work to be as authentic as you can be.

  • You want to create a culture among your men that is safe for the men to share struggles, but also a place where men can challenge each other to step up in their life. When guys know they can trust each other they will receive these challenges and not be defensive because they trust their brothers.

A band of brothers is something we all need as men and we don't want to wait around for someone else to start one. You be the man and step up to create a band of brothers around you. don't just think about how great it would be to have a band of brothers, do something about it!

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