George Patton: Lessons from a Man of Action

Life is a war and as men we are in a battle everyday. Understanding that is key to how we live as men.

George Patton knew about war and was one of the most successful Generals of WW2 because he understood some key things that can help us as men today

Action Starts in Your Mind

Patton was all about action, but he also knew that action starts in your mind. One of his famous statements shows this: “You are not beaten until you admit it.”

Being a man of action starts in your mind and how you think and what you think about drive your action.

Our motivation as men will drive our action. If we are motivated by selfishness or glory, it will show.

If our motivation is negative because we have a negative mindset , it will show.

Action starting in your mind is why purpose is so important for men. Men who live with purpose change history.

Men are Lost Without Action

“War is the only place where a man lives.” George Patton

We need action as men and life is an action sport, but it isn't an adrenaline pumping type of action. The everyday little things are the action we should focus on as men. As men, we must learn to give our best in the grind

Patton focused on keeping his men focused on the small details of action

It really is the small actions that make the most difference. As men, we must see that it is in the everyday "routine" stuff that we win our battles.

Action Means Being The Example

“Officers must assert themselves by example and by voice.” George Patton

As men, we need other people looking up to us and should be living as an example to someone else.

We perform better when someone is watching us. This is the way we are designed as men and we need this.

Men don't do as well on their own because there is no accountability. We need the encouragement to walk our talk.

How we are in front of others and how we live our lives makes a difference. We must be in a place of being an example to someone else. It makes us better men

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