How to Be a Championship Man

One of the best parts of the championship in basketball, and any sport for that matter, is hearing the interviews afterwards. Many of the players and coaches talk about how they did it together. How they overcame adversity and stuck together. Even many athletes who compete alone talk about their coaches and the support people in their life. Championships take a team, no one wins one by themselves. Too many men today are trying to battle on their own. They are fighting all by themselves and that is a waste of their time and energy. In order to be a Championship Man, you must be part of a team. There are 2 championship things you can develop to build a team around you.

Develop a Team Mindset

  • A team mindset begins when we as men honestly evaluate ourselves and how we live. Men often try to be the lone wolf, or the martyr. Lone Wolf: "No one can do it like me;" Martyr: "I'm all alone and giving my all." The problem with these attitudes comes when the underlying motivation is revealed which is pride. Pride drives us to try and do it by ourselves.

  • Being open to team and allowing a team mindset to develop in you begins when you understand the reality of your own strengths and weaknesses. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses.

  • As men, we should be seeking out people to get involved in our lives. Coaches and friends who will help you and focus on you. Relational aggressiveness is part of developing a team.

Develop a Strong Intimacy

  • Intimacy is not always easy for men, but is absolutely necessary to form a team. There is a time after the field of battle where a man must remove his armor. You can't leave your armor on all the time or it will wear you out, or hurt you. Too many men today have their armor on all the time and they don't have anyone they can be real with and be their authentic self. The sad thing is the armor keeps them from ever really getting close with anyone.

  • Many guys attract women with the part they play, but those relationships won't go deep because the armor won't come off. This will keep the relationship from moving into intimacy, which hurts the couple and keeps many men from really developing a strong marriage

  • Taking the armor off means you are authentic and genuine with yourself and with others. Men who are champions in their life and impact people for long-term and the ones who live authentically.

  • The best thing a man can do is form a band of brothers.

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