I Miss Sports!

This past weekend was suppose to be the spring game for my favorite college team. Alas with all the quarantine, it didn’t happen.  I’m not one to complain, but I really miss sports!  I’m mainly a football fan but even this time of year there is the spring training and the draft and I even watched some of the XFL.  However, that isn’t happening right now.  There have been some positives, my yard has never looked better.  I’m training for triathlons that may or may not happen, but I really miss sports.  I know they aren’t as important as everyone’s safety, but I still miss them.  

Sports are an example of a way for men to find expression for their passion.  Men are wired to be passionate and that isn’t a bad thing!  The definition of the word passion is intense feelings or conviction.  Men are passionate and that has been true for centuries.  I’m not one to try to make it a bad thing, on the contrary, I think men should be passionate.  Passion is a power source for men who use it wisely.

Selfish Passion

  • The examples of men who have out of control passions are all around us now and throughout history.  These passions originate in each man focusing on himself and being selfish.  He doesn’t take into consideration others or how his decisions affect society as a whole.  This selfish passion is very strong and can influence many people and cause lots of damage.

  • A man living in the power of selfish passion hurts those around him and eventually also hurts himself.  The problem with this is how it can be passed down from generation to generation.  Young men see the selfish example of their fathers and then they think selfish passion is the way to go.  They may be passionate about different areas thinking that they are different from their father, but the underlying motivation is the same.

Giving Passion

  • Men who learn how to focus their passion can make the most positive difference in their own life and the lives of others.  There is nothing wrong with men being passionate, they just need to focus their passion and control it instead of allowing their passions to control them.  Every man has the opportunity to make this choice and the men who do control their passions will become mighty influencers.

  • The biggest issue with most men is where do they spend their passion.  I enjoy sports, but sports doesn’t consume my passion.  It has a place, but it isn’t my purpose.  Men today need to find a purpose to put their passion behind.  Passion that lives in a purpose can grow exponentially and affect each man along with those around them.  

As men we shouldn’t run from our passions or be afraid of them.  Too many men live a passionless existence because our society has told them that passion is bad.  Men are naturally passionate and should find a way to give and make a difference in the world with their passion.

If you want help with your passions, I have a free brand new resource for directing your passion.  It’s called the 3 Day Dare and you can check it out here: 3 Day Dare.

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