Just a Little

When I was very young, it was a Saturday morning and my brother and I were watching cartoons.  We got hungry and remembered that our mom had made a Boston creme pie the night before.  The pie has a cream center that is really good.  We went into the kitchen and just got a finger full of the cream.  It was good, in fact so good, we did it again and again.  Eventually we ate the all the cream out of it.  Needless to say our mother was not thrilled and we did not get desserts for a long time!

As men, we often get into trouble by starting with just a little.  We think we can handle a “little” of something, but it eventually ends up controlling us.

Just a little caution

  • We have to be careful with many things in our life that can start with a “little.”  When it is just a little it may be no big deal, but if we are not careful a little will grow.  Too many men have destroyed their lives and the lives of those they love with things that started with just a little.  A little flirting with someone besides our wife, a little drink to calm our nerves, a little pill to help us sleep, etc...

  • This isn’t to say that all things are bad, but we must use caution and be watchful about our motives when we do something.  Eating is normal and healthy, but if we eat way more than we need, we are setting ourselves up for some serious health issues.  Hobbies are good, but if we use our hobby to escape from our responsibilities as a dad or husband, they will hurt us.

Just a little excess

  • Moderation can easily be an excuse for excess.  People love to say that things are ok in moderation and many things are; however, as men we must look at everything from the perspective of control.  Do we control it, or does it control us?  When we lose control, we also lose the excuse of moderation.

  • As men, we should take time regularly to do a life audit.  We need to look at where we are spending our time and our money to see what is really valuable to us.  We can make all the excuses in the world, but our calendar and our debit card show us the real important things in our life.

If we are not careful, we will allow too many little things to grow and take over our life.  As men, we must lead ourselves before we can effectively lead others.  We do that by getting honest about our motivations and our actions.  Don’t wait until the little things take over.

Why do you think men rarely take the time to reflect on their own lives?

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