Keep Pedaling

I have started back on my Tri-Bike now that the weather is warming up.  Getting back in bike shape usually takes a while when you have been off it for a while.  The hardest part, besides getting used to the seat, is going up hill.  I have a few pretty good hills I ride near my house and they can be a struggle. 

Life can have season’s where it feels like we are pedaling uphill.  We go through hard times or unexpected events happen.  How do we get through them?  We do it by focusing on the basics while riding up hill.

Change Gears

  • When life hits us with the unexpected or the tragic, we often try to keep living life the same way we were.  That is like not downshifting while riding uphill.  If we don’t, we will burn ourselves out.  When unexpected things hit, we should evaluate every area of our life and see what needs to be cut for this hard season.

  • Downshifting is not quitting.  It is being smart with where we are on the ride at the moment.  Yes, we will go slower, but we will be saving important energy for later.  When unexpected times hit we shouldn’t deny them, but acknowledge them and make appropriate changes to have the energy to make it through the hard times.  

Keep Pedaling

  • When riding uphill, if we quit pedaling we will crash.  Sometimes life hits us with hard stuff that makes us just want to roll up into a ball and quit.  That feeling is real, but we have to keep pedaling.  Life keeps moving and we have to keep moving with it.  However, since we have changed gears, we can pedal a whole lot easier.

  • While pedaling the uphill battles of life we often spend too much time examining how we got to this point.  This can cause us to stop pedaling which is not good.  When hard times hit, we should get through the toughest part and then we can do an examination of how we got there.  We cannot let distractions keep us from pedaling.  Friends can be a source of help with some of the distractions, this helps us stay focused on getting up the hill.

No one likes riding a bike uphill.  None of us like going through hard times.  However, staying focused on the important stuff like changing gears and keeping the pedals going will help us make it through.  

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