Legacy vs Inheritance

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

I recently read a story of a Portugese aristocrat who left his fortune to 70 random people picked from the phone book.  How wild would it be to have been one of those people picked?  We can all remember the stories of people who found out they were long lost relatives to someone who was incredibly wealthy and they inherited a bunch of money.  How come it seems to have always happened to someone else and no one that we actually know? Many men sit around dreaming of getting some big inheritance, but how often do they sit around and dream about the legacy that they will leave?  We can leave all the money we want to people, but our legacy is how we live and how we pour into other people.

Legacy Choice

  1. Our legacy comes from what we pass down to our children or to others that we influence in our life.  The legacy of each person is built up by the actions and attitudes they have during life.  Sometimes men confuse this and are so focused on money and earning money to pass down, that they forget to pass a legacy down to their children and grandchildren.  Kids don’t need more stuff, they need their dads!

  2. We choose our legacy by how we treat others and how we build intimate relationships.  Anyone can give money but not everyone can give meaning and worth to another person.  Children want their father involved and active in their life.  The greatest legacy a father can give their child is the security of a loving relationship.  This doesn’t mean we ignore past hurts, but we deal with them and choose to build a relationship

Legacy Change

  1. Sometimes we learn the value of legacy later in our life as men.  We may have passed up some of the chances we had earlier in life, but that doesn’t mean we should quit trying.  It is never too late to change a legacy.  Many men don’t even try because they buy the lie that it is too late, but that isn’t true.  Every man can change their actions and attitudes today to change their impact on others.

  2. This may mean they go and humble themselves and ask forgiveness, but the power of doing that will begin the legacy changing process.  It is amazing how we love a comeback story as a society, but many men never give themselves a chance for a comeback story.  You can start writing your comeback story today by doing whatever is necessary to change.

When we get to the end of our life, our inheritance won’t matter.  How much we have to give won’t comfort us, but the loving relationships we have with others will be an amazing source of comfort to us.

What can you do today to change your legacy for tomorrow?


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