Major League Man

I got a call recently from a friend who was riding with a group to a restaurant for an event. Their friend was going to eat the Muddy Creek Monster 2.0. This is a two pound burger with all the trimmings plus one pound of french fries. If his friend eats all of it in 12 minutes, he gets the whole thing free. The energy on the call was amazing. Everyone in the car was hyped and ready for victory because I could feel it over the phone. These were a group of young guys going to battle and they were excited, even if it is to battle a two pound hamburger. Men are competitive by nature. Get a couple of guys together to do something and they will find a way to turn it into a competition. We even have a Major League Eating for events like Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating contest. We love competition and we take it very seriously. This is not a criticism but a reality. However, too many men separate their competitive nature and their every day life. This is a mistake because men should approach their life like a sport. They should seek to be the very best and even get to the level of Major League Husband or Major League Dad. If we approached our life as a sport, here are a few things we should do to become a Major League Man.

Seek Coaching

One of the most common aspects of professional athletes is their passion for coaches. They have coaches in their sport as well as many others who take care of areas like diet, exercise, etc… A professional athlete knows that to be their best they need an outsiders perspective. We understand this as men and agree with it, but how many of us use this in our own lives? How many coaches do we have? We may not be able to pay a full time life coach to follow us around, but coaches can help us in different ways and we should invest in them. When we read books or listen to podcasts or sign up for an online course, we are opening ourselves up to coaching. We are asking someone from the outside to speak into our life and make us better. Athletes do it to be the best, we as men should do it in the many different areas of our life so we can be a Major League Man.

Keep Training

Being a Major League Man is not something that happens naturally. Men have a tendency to go passive and coast. However, the great athletes train all the time and they train hard. They see the offseason as important as the on-season. Drew Brees is an example of this. One of the reasons he is so good as a quarterback is because of his off season training regimen. Imagine if we take that kind of attitude as men. What if we never stop growing and pushing ourselves in every area of life? As we get older I think it is even harder to train and train well. We have a natural tendency toward complacency or stagnation that we have to fight as men. Why can’t we keep growing emotionally, physically, spiritually? The biggest issue is with our own discomfort and our willingness to push past that feeling. Great athletes train hard, and great men should train hard too.

Overcome Setbacks

Everyone has setbacks and issues in their life they have to overcome. How they overcome is often how people are remembered. We all know that weird and often seemingly unfair things can happen in life. The temptation when those things happen is to get an attitude of blame. The problem with blame is it can become a security blanket that gives us a sense of protection and warmth but in reality it acts as a weight that keeps us from overcoming the obstacles in our life. Setbacks often give us glimpses into ourselves that we would normally never see. Sometimes those glimpses show us some positive traits, but they can also show us areas that need to grow. Setbacks are normal for everyone and they do not define us as men. Our definition as men happens when we keep walking through the setback and do not allow it to stop us. Playing any type of game, we like to play to win.

We all live as men everyday, let’s play to win! What areas do you need to change to start being a Major League Man?

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