Men of Passion

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I was walking into the hotel with my bike.  I had brought it with me to do some training for an upcoming triathlon I was doing.  As I got close to the room a man was outside his door with his family.  He turned and looked at the bike and then looked up to me to speak, “Is that carbon fiber?”  I said it was and he came over to look at it.  He was captivated with it and we started talking about bikes.  His kids came over to the bike and he asked if they could touch it.  I said sure, and he said, “Kids feel this, that is carbon fiber.”  His kids touched the bike and both said, “OOOOOOOHHHHHH.”  To me, this is a hilarious story because these kids did not know what carbon fiber was and really didn’t care, but their dad was passionate about it. Since he was passionate, they knew it was something for them to be passionate about.

Men who are passionate make a difference.  We have a society that encourages passivity in men.  The pressure to not offend has caused many men to not have an opinion or to stay silent.  This hurts us because our world needs men of passion who are passionate for more than a virtual world or a sport.  These have become the only outlets for men today.  Think of men throughout history who have made a difference, they were men of passion.  Many of the signers of the Declaration of Independence lost everything because they were men of passion.  Abraham Lincoln passionately challenged a wrong and changed our nation.  Churchill was so passionate he willed a country to stand up to tyranny.  We need men of passion who are making a difference for good in our world.

Passion Thiefs

  1. Where are you spending your passion as a man?  What things are robbing you of a passion that makes a difference in the world?  Too many men allow their passion to be wasted on things that do not really matter in the important areas of life.   Virtual worlds of gaming and porn bring too many men into a state of passiveness that is hurting our society.  

  2. The fatherless epidemic in our country is a sign of the lack of passion many men have for raising their children.  Children need their fathers because fathers teach them the good things to be passionate about.  Just like the father with his kids and my bike.  They were only passionate because they saw their father being passionate.  Our kids today need men who are passionate about good things.

Passion Purposes

  1. Men of passion make a difference in the world for good, but only if their passion is for something bigger than themselves.  We can’t allow our passion to focus on selfish concerns but must look outside of ourselves.  What can you do in your sphere of influence to make a difference for good?  In your home, your neighborhood, or your church.  Have you become a passive spectator or a passionate participant?

  2. Passionate relationships are the dream of every woman, but too many men have gotten caught up in the mundane day to day existence of life and have stop passionately pursuing their wife.  Your wife deserves your passion.  She should feel your captivation and not have to ask for it.  When life hits and you have kids, and jobs, and responsibilities, being passionate is hard, but you should push through and fight for a renewed passion!  We are in a war for our families and they deserve our best.  Your wife should be your passion and if that passion has faded, the only person who can change that is you.  Why?  Because you are the man and that is what men do!

Don’t let passivity win, become a man of passion.

What areas do you need to become more passionate about?


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