Men of Passion Part 2

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

All men have strong passions.  They may express them differently based on their personality, but passions do exist in every man.  The problems many men have in society today comes from the misuse of their own passions.  To be fair, many men did not have a positive example of how to live with their passions.  Plus, society tends to give unbridled freedom to a man’s passions in pursuit of “fun.”

Men today should not run away from their passions, but should focus them and use them as a power source for their life.  Last time, we looked at how passion can be a strong force for good in a man’s life.  This time we will look at how passion can be a strong force for destruction based on how a man chooses to focus his passion.

Passion without Parameters

  1. Men who live with unrestrained passions will eventually become slaves of their own passion.  At first, they will have the intoxication of complete freedom, but soon the chains of slavery will overtake them.  Many men today live a passive existence because they have been so utterly defeated in their own passions.  Their mindset has become negative and they do not believe change is possible.  

  2. Society does not help men today because they often showcase men of strong passion and use them as positive examples.  However, if these same men do not have parameters on their passions, they will overextend themselves and become self-destructive.  This self destruction can cause great collateral damage that society will often ignore to maintain the facade.  This brings a negative example to many of our young men today who only see uncontrolled passion as a good thing.

Passion Realities

  1. Men should not run away from their passions but should run toward them.  They should embrace them and take responsibility for them.  When a man is willing to be responsible for his own passions, he will not only improve his own life, but the lives of those around him.  This will not be an easy process for many men, however men can fight and win because they have done it for centuries.

  2. Men are influencers!  They should embrace this role and do the work it takes to succeed.  Bringing parameters to passions must be done with a war like mentality.  Men have to decide to bring their rebellious passions under control and be willing to do whatever it takes to achieve victory.  Usually this means getting help and learning new ways to live.

I wish I could give you an easy 1,2,3 step process to bring your passions under control. However, we all know that each man has his own journey to explore.  Therefore, I invite you to declare ownership over your passions and begin a quest to bring them under your control!

What are some good passions you think need to rise up in men?

What are the passions you have seen other men struggle with over the years?

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