Men of Passion Pt 1

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Men today live in some very confusing times.  They are told to be men and lead, yet society gives them mixed messages of what being a man looks like.  Is it their physical attributes, or their financial abilities, or their power?  Men struggle with many of these questions. Many men today escape through virtual outlets so they don’t have to deal with the confusing messages society sends them The common denominator for men who make a difference in the world today reveals itself in their internal passion. No matter the personality or ability, the men who help to change society have strong passions.  Their passions will manifest themselves in different ways based on their personality, but they have an inner drive that compels their life.  Many men who do not seek attention or have a particularly charismatic personality can still have very strong internal passions that push them in many ways.  These passions can be good or bad based on how each man uses them.

Passion Parameters

  1. Passion that has parameters brings more power than passion that is uncontrolled.  Driving in a wilderness area and then driving on a paved road can show the difference between something with no parameters and something with parameters.  When guidelines direct a man’s passion, they will find their abilities increasing because of the increase in focus.

  2. Without parameters, many men completely waste their natural passion. Parameters do not rob men of their abilities to use their passions.  They keep men from wasting their passions.  Without proper parameters, many men will waste their passions on unimportant things that do not help them or the people they are in relationships with.

Passion Positives

  1. Men who take their passions and focus them on positive relationships with their families see amazing things happen.  When men keep their passion focused on their wife and children, they will see growth and security rise up within them.  Too many wives and children live with a strong sense of insecurity today because they do not feel the focused attention of their husband or dad.

  2. Men who are passionate about their family usually bring that passion to society as a whole.  When a man has strong secure relationships in his home, he will usually bring a stronger positive influence to his work environment and to society as a whole.

Men must not only embrace their passions, but must apply parameters to them so they can see the greatest benefit of their passions in their own life.  These benefits will help them and those they are in relationships with.  Parameters, when properly applied, will cause a man’s passions to be productive instead of destructing.  Whether a man is older, or younger, married, or single, parameters will help them make the most positive difference with their passions.

What passions do you have that need better parameters?

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