Mental Movies

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I love movies and one of my favorite parts of a movie is the soundtrack.  Music has the power to control how we feel during a movie.  Music can make us feel like crying or jumping up and cheering.  Some of my favorite movie memories all have specific music playing behind them.  We often associate songs with movies.  When a great movie plays a specific song, we often times think of that scene in the movies every time we hear the song.  The Marvel movies have done this really well and there are many songs that when I hear them I think of Thor or the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Our minds have a  soundtrack that plays all the time.  The questions we need to ask ourselves is what soundtrack plays in in our mental movie?  What kind of background music plays in our mind?  Too often we do not control the soundtrack to our mental movie.  We allow our self-talk soundtrack to hurt how we live in the everyday.  There are some key steps we need to take to control the soundtrack to our mental movie:

Recognize the Soundtrack

  1. Recognition of what is going on in our mind has to be the first step to taking control of our mental movie.  What do we allow to play as the self-talk soundtrack?  We need to think through the common themes that go through our brain.  Often times we will find ourselves generalizing negatives with statements like, “This always happens…”  “I can never catch a break.” “They won’t like me anyway”  “I just don’t fit in”

  2. These statements can easily become the soundtrack to our mental movies and their negativity will cause us to act out the negative thoughts.  Some people live with a negative pessimistic attitude and have never even realized it.

Stop The Pretend Tracks

  1. Imagination plays an amazing role in our lives.  We can use our imagination in so many great ways, however too often we allow our imagination to expand only in the “What if” or “If only you knew” areas.  This means we often times imagine the worse case scenarios no matter what is going on in reality.

  2. Recently I was doing my first triathlon of the year and it was a short sprint distance.  As I was riding the bike I was doing well and passing a lot of people.  However, I found myself thinking as I did, “They will probably catch up to me in the run.”  How goofy was that!  I’m passing people and yet my mental soundtrack was playing a tragedy.  When I realized it, I stopped it from playing and changed my thoughts.  I ended up coming in 3rd place in my age division!

Change the Track

  1. Our thoughts are not outside of our control.  We can control our thoughts and change the soundtrack that plays in our mental movie.  We should start by looking at what kind of media influences our mind.  If every movie or song we watch is depressing and sad, they will influence us.  We need to change our media diet.

  2. We also need to look at our social media consumption.  Everyone posts their great highlights and they will often times cause us to discount our life and what we are doing.  We have to cut the amount of time on social media so we take time to focus on our life and not someone else’s life.

You are the composer of the soundtrack for your mental movie.  Take control of what plays in your head and you will see the difference in your attitude every day.

What are some of the key areas that you recognize are negatively affecting your mental movies?  Let me know in the comments below.  Also, please sign up for my email list on the blog home page so you don’t miss a post.

I also wrote a couple of posts about the brain box, that could help you change your mental movie soundtrack.


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