No Purpose = No Direction

What direction are you going in life? Many men don't really have a clear purpose which means they don't know what specific direction they are going with their life.

This is why so many men are overwhelmed with busyness today. You can't prioritize your life without a purpose.

Men must have a clear purpose if they want to have a clear direction for their life.

Purpose Gives Clarity

The reason purpose is so important is because it helps you clear away the daily distractions that can own our minds in this connected and fast paced world.

Purpose helps you decide what's Important. It helps you have clarity amidst the noise of every day. It's a lot like rising above the clouds on a plane.

This kind of clarity is so valuable when you have to make the regular daily decisions.

Purpose also helps you see what you need and where you need to grow

Without purpose, your goals can't be set so you don't really go any specific direction

Purpose Sets Priorities

Picking favorites is what prioritizing your life is all about. You pick the things you want to favor and you must do this or your life will have no impact. You'll be busy but you won't get anything of purpose done

When you have a purpose, you are able to clearly set your priorities and without a purpose, we don't pick priorities and without those priorities, we are easily influenced.

Some men don't live a purpose because they are afraid, "What if I choose the wrong priorities?" I encourage men to pick timeless priorities, ones that make the most positive difference.

You can always change your priorities if they don't end up fitting your purpose.

Picking a purpose and living priorities doesn't close you in, it actually sets you free

You have to pick priorities or you will not be in control of your life

Purpose Provides Power

When you live with a purpose, you gain power to make the right decisions each day because purpose empowers your daily decisions.

You start thinking about what fits your purpose and what doesn't. You start moving toward the things that fit your purpose

This doesn't mean you will get it all right all of a sudden and this is where men mess up. They get a purpose and think everything will be easy and that they should do everything perfectly.

Purpose gets you going in a specific direction, but the little incremental steps are what you take towards that direction and those take time.

Purpose brings you the power to start changing your direction and empowers you to say yes and no in the little things each day. The power doesn't have to come from will power as much as it comes from purpose power.

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