Owning Your Appetites

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Food glorious food!  Food has always been something I enjoy.  I love to cook and I love to eat.  The love to eat part has been an issue though.  When I was young food became a very big comfort in my life.  When I was going through tough times, I ate.  When I was bored, I ate.  When I was happy, I ate.  In fact, eating became an identity for me and I was always a big eater.  Getting older and getting control of different areas in my life, helped me to realize my out of control eating.  I was allowing food to control me. What appetites are you battling?  One of the definitions for appetite is, “a strong desire or liking for something.”  Appetites are not bad, but the question becomes are we in control of our appetites or are they in control of us.  Food controlled me and it was just one of many appetites that controlled me growing up.  Porn controlled me, insecurity controlled me, fear controlled me, etc…. We cannot live on purpose as long as our appetites control us.  Too many men have given up and resign themselves to letting one of their appetites control them.  We don’t have to let them win!  Let’s start taking back control of our appetites.  The man who can control his appetites is a man who can live on purpose.

Own Your Appetites

  1. Denial lives within all of us and the power of denial can bring all kinds of pain in our life.  Let’s get honest about our appetites.  If you were to be completely honest, what appetites are out of control in your life?  Maybe its food and you have resigned yourself to just being overweight.  Maybe its video games or Netflix binging that control you.  Appetites do not always have to be negative things.  Often times they are good things that are out of control in our life. The question for you to answer is, “Which appetites do I control and which one’s control me.”

  2. You may need some help with this one.  Find a friend who will be honest with you.  If you are married, ask your wife what she thinks.  Usually what they say is something you already know.  Recognizing our out of control appetites should not bring shame, but should motivate us to move to the next step

Control Your Appetites

  1. Taking control of your appetites will not be easy.  In fact, the hardest part of the battle against our appetites lies within us.  We have to be willing to journey within and get to the core issues that give a specific appetite control over us.  My journey battling my out of control food appetite began when I started getting help with my porn addiction.  Both areas were a source of comfort to me.  I would not have known anything about my out of control appetites if I had not gotten help.  You may need help, so don’t be afraid to seek it out.  Shame has no purpose except to keep us from moving.  Your journey within starts when you leave shame behind and start getting help with your appetites.

  2. This battle should not be fought alone.  You will need people in your life who are there to help you and encourage you.  You also need people you can help and encourage.  When men get together and get honest about what they need, power pours out onto the whole group.  When men stay silent and try to fight alone, they get picked off one by one.  Don’t battle alone.  Get a group of men together to fight with you.  Most men have out of control appetites they are dealing with.  You can be a catalyst to bring change to yourself and to others

Everyone has appetites and there is nothing wrong with healthy appetites, but out of control appetites will keep us from living on purpose.  As men, we need to win the war with our out of control appetites. 

Quit excusing them and start fighting them!  The battle begins when you recognize them, but remember it is a battle you can win!

What appetites are out of control in your life?


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