Perfect Is A Lie

Starting a business from scratch has been a learning experience.  I’ve learned that starting a business is a business!  I'm overwhelmed with people reaching out to me who say they can “help” me build a successful business.  However, all of their help comes with a price.  I’m not saying that is bad, but it means I have to be careful.  I can hire lots of people to help me and end up going broke without a business!  The business of helping people start their business is a big business because too many people are always preparing but never starting.

As men, we are like that in different areas of our life.  Many of us will spend all our time preparing but won’t jump out and do.  This applies to different areas of our life, from our health and marriage, to our parenting and friendships.  The phrase that often paralyzes us is, “If you can’t do it right, don’t do it at all.”  This line can actually be a paralyzing lie to us as men.  We know we aren’t perfect and probably won’t start anything perfect, so we don’t start.  We have to learn that perfect is a lie that has to be overcome in our lives.  

Learning Comes From Movement

  • Why are children so good at learning new technology?  They jump in and try it without being afraid of it.  We should learn from that.  Sometimes as men, we want to think through every single scenario before we do anything.  There is nothing wrong with being safe and cautious, but many men take it to the extreme and never move.  Kids learn because they aren’t scared of breaking things and just try.

  • We must decide as men that the journey teaches the lessons and movement takes us to new locations on the journey.  If we wait until everything is perfect, we will be waiting forever.  Our learning comes best in the activity.  Great marriages are made great through time and effort.  Married couples don’t get married thinking they know all there is to know about relationships.  They choose to learn together on a journey.  

Preparing Distracts From Doing

  • Many men get caught up in the preparation zone.  This is the zone where they always work to get ready to do something, but never actually do anything because they don’t feel fully prepared.  They focus on being ready, but never start doing.  It is easy for us to get so distracted by the preparations that we never accomplish anything.

  • When I first started doing sprint triathlons, I had a Wal-Mart road bike.  I used it for about 10 years.  It was all I had and instead of waiting around to get a real “tri” bike, I just started competing.  I’ve never had anyone ask me what bike I did my triathlons with because they focus on the fact that I did a triathlon.  So often, we get so caught up in preparing to be perfect that we never do anything.  Don’t wait until everything is perfect, that day will never come!  Perfection is a lie that keeps us from progress.

What are the areas of your life where you struggle with the lie of being perfect?

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