Personal Road Construction

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

We have a highway right by where I live that they are expanding to three lanes.  It feels like they have been working on it forever.  The worse part is how they have half paved areas and then expect you to drive on a part of the road that is a mixture of different pavements.  The grooves and the holes in the road make me feel like it is a game of “Save my Tires!”  The tires are ok, but the crack on the windshield is permanent.

Life can feel like road construction at times.  In order to go the the next level, everything has to change.  This can be hard and uncomfortable, however without the change we will always be doing the same thing and getting the same results.  We need to take the time to do the hard work if we want to go to the next level in our life.  Our life needs some road construction, and some key points will help make it successful

Road Foundations

  1. A man’s motivations and purposes are his foundation.  Too often as men, we focus so much on getting stuff done, but we forget to look for the underlying reasons.  Those reasons don’t feel important, but they will either make or break us.  Just like the foundation of a road, our motivations are crucial to the overall health of our life.

  2. Too many men are so busy living life, they never take the time to ask themselves why the are so driven?  We should not be afraid to dig down and start working on the foundations of our life.  When we do, our roads will be a whole lot smoother.

Road Construction

  1. When roads are built they sometimes tear everything up and start from scratch.  This is a major commitment but it guarantees the job will be done well.  Our life sometimes needs a complete overhaul.  We have to get honest about ourselves and then do the hard work of figuring out what is really important and what needs to be torn up and taken away in our lives.

  2. Cities will often move roads around to make the traffic flow better.  Our life will need periodic adjustments and changes in direction based on what is happening.  Many men get scared of the change and decide to stay the same.  This is terribly sad because they are missing out on the new chances to really live their full adventure.

Change is a part of life, but it also gives men the opportunity to grow and reinvent themselves in new and exciting ways. Road construction comes as a necessary part of life with so many cars and drivers.  Our life also changes and we need some internal road construction.  Instead of hiding or running from it, we should embrace it.  Explore all your potential as a man.  Dare to build a new road and see what great things can happen. Here is a post about how to direct your own life: Action Adventure Director.

What areas in your life are going through construction right now?

I’m having to learn how to reinvent my life after the loss of my wife and my job, what about you?


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