Piggy Bank Power

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Piggybanks have been around for centuries.  People have always seen the wisdom of saving and the piggybank came from the desire to save money.  This happened before banks were even built!  As men, money can be a two edged sword for us.  It can open doors for us in many different ways, but it can also control us.  Our attitude towards money actually motivates many of the other decisions we make everyday.  There are two main attitudes that men have toward money and the piggybank realities of their life

Piggybanks as Taskmasters

  1. When money rules men, they never have enough. Men will work and slave to get more and more money because they believe the amount of money they have defines them as men.  They get validation from the money, so they will always want more.  They will never reach a place of peace because their need for validation will never stop.

  2. When money rules, we never achieve satisfaction.  Too much will never be enough for men who are consumed with money.  They see money as something to bring them peace, but it can never do that.  Money will always demand more from us if we let it control us.

Piggybanks as Tools

  1. Money as a tool gives men opportunities.  Men who see money as a tool control it and do not let it control them.  They see money as something to use and not something to bring them validation.  Their character and actions define them instead of how much money they have in their piggybank.  They can give their money freely because they do not follow money, money follows them. 

  2. Money as a tool gives us confidence.  When money acts as a tool, men can feel confident about using it for different situations.  They don’t have to spend crazy, or save crazy.  Men can walk with the confidence that they know what to do with money and they have money to do it with.  When a man has a strong savings, emergencies do not have the power to scare them or control them.  Men can walk in the quiet confidence of being good stewards.

What is your attitude toward money?

Does money control you or do you control it?

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