Prestige vs People

Quick question: What film won the best picture Oscar in 1983? (You can’t google it!!!!). 

Most of us would not know this answer unless we are serious movie buffs.  One of the realities that we are getting older is when the stuff we liked when we were young becomes “retro” and fashionable again.  This is a reality of whatever is current and popular.  Things that are popular blow up and are huge only to fade away and be made fun of later.  However, too many of us strive for the prestige of what is popular and miss out on the people in our lives.


  • Prestige feels good and many men live for the acceptance that prestige brings.  They work and grind to achieve and become successful not because of their calling or their gifts but because of the notoriety that achievement brings.  They live for the honor and the recognition, but those things do not last and everyone moves on.  Prestige makes us feel good only in the moment.

  • Prestige is momentary and if our life is built around receiving honors and accolades only, we will find an emptiness in the quiet moments of life.  Our identity will be wrapped around our achievements and this will drive us to the point of obsession.  This obsession hurts us because we will not fully enjoy the prestige we receive and we will hurt the people in our lives.


  • Prestige is momentary, but people are a legacy.  When our purpose is empowering and impacting people, we find a rich legacy of satisfaction that will live on after we are gone.  To make a difference in other people, we must change our mindset to focus on others and not ourselves.  This means we must be willing to connect and be in relationships with other people and be willing to help and serve them.

  • Selfishness cannot live in the same environment as selflessness.  When we choose to leave a legacy of people, we must learn to be selfless and help others get ahead.  This doesn’t mean we let others take advantage of us, but it means we look for ways to help others succeed.  The amazing benefit from this is most people who live selfless lives are the most satisfied with their lives, unlike those who only live for prestige and themselves.

Why are you striving?  Are you a slave to prestige?

What people are you pouring into and making a difference in their lives?

You can start today!

By the way, Gandhi won the 1983 Oscar for best picture.

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