Showing off with Scooter Wheelies

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

I was in Malaga Spain a few months ago getting ready for an online event I did there.  During the day I was walking down the street enjoying the sights.  Malaga is on the Mediterranean and is a beautiful city.  I was enjoying walking down the beach walk path and suddenly a guy rode by on a scooter.  Scooters were all over the town so that wasn’t anything new.  The thing that was different was how this guy popped a wheelie and rode for about 25 meters with a wheelie.  Now I don’t know how hard it is to pop a wheelie on a scooter, but my first thought was, “A wheelie with a scooter, really?”   This guy really wanted to show off and get people to notice him.  He probably thought he was the ultimate cool guy on a scooter because he was showing off.

Many men live with a need to show off.  We want to show others what we can do, how much we know, or etc…. We love showing off.  However, without realizing it our showing off really says a lot about us.  We may think people are impressed, and some may be; however, showing off too often speaks to things that cause others to have a not so impressive view of us.

Showing Off Realities

  1. Showing off actually speaks to our own insecurity as men.  When we need the opinion of others to be good, we giveaway our  ability to walk securely in who we are.  The desire for approval will cause us to never really figure out what we really want or what we are really like because we are too busy living for other people.  When someone is secure in themselves they do not have to show off, they just act.  Too many men today don’t know how to just be themselves because they are too busy living for someone else’s opinion.

  1. When a man is addicted to showing off, he proves that he is still searching for himself.  People who struggle with their own identity will wear masks to hide who they are on the inside.  Many men have worn a mask for so long, they no longer realize that the mask is on.  They start believing the persona they are putting out and never know how to just be themselves.  This reveals itself in the lack of intimate relationships so many men struggle maintaining.  They don’t have a close marriage or any close friendships because they either can’t be real or fear the honesty behind intimate relationships.

  1. The need to show off actually speaks to a man’s lack of freedom.  He lives as a slave to other people’s opinions and the bondage causes high levels of stress.  Many men today carry a high burden of stress but do not know why.  They have lived as a slave to other people’s opinions for so long, it feels normal to them.  They cannot imagine anything different.  Many men do not seek to change because the discomfort of change outweighs the stress in their life.  They have become used to the stress and fear living differently.

You don’t have to be controlled by the need to show off.  You can live your own adventure and feel confident within it.  Begin reflecting on your life right now.  How does the need to show off manifest itself in your life?  I challenge you to courageously ask that question and be honest with your answer.  No one said living our own adventure would be easy, but it will be life-changing.

I’d love to hear how you have leaned the “showing off” lesson over the years.


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