As a man and a Dad, I love the movie Taken.  Liam Neeson’s character's daughter is kidnapped and he goes and hunts down the bad guys and gets her back, of course with all the violence and mayhem that is necessary!  There is just something about that movie that makes us stand up as men.  I think it is the idea of getting something back that is ours.

For many men their passion has been taken.  As we saw in my last blog, I Miss Sports, passion is the power source for a man’s purpose.  However, without passion there is no power.  Too many men today are having their passion taken by passion thieves.  These are things that rob our passion and therefore rob our purpose.

Kidnapped Passions

  • Men are passionate by nature and that is a good thing.  We are designed to carry these passions and use them to impact lives.  Men who apply their passion to their purpose find the power source that helps them make a meaningful contribution into other people’s lives and into society as a whole.  When men allow their passions to be kidnapped, they settle for a passive existence of survival that depresses them and those they influence.

  • The things that kidnap our passions are not obvious bad guys like in the movie.  Many of the things that kidnap our passions are things we let in or go extreme with.  When a husband and father can come home and spend 4 hours playing a virtual game and ignore his wife and kids, that is a problem.  When a guys finds more excitement in virtual women than real women, that is a problem.  

Passion Thieves

  • Passion thieves are anything that are out of control and taking the natural passion of a man.  They can be the negatives we often think of like porn or gambling, but they can also be things we don’t think of like success or gaming.  The thing that is robbing the passion is only the symptom of the main problem.  When men allow things to steal their passion, they will begin living a passive life in the everyday.  This passivity will affect their relationships and everything else they do.

  • Passion thieves can also be inward.  We could have such a strong insecurity about ourselves that we will do anything to make people accept us or like us.  We could allow fear to control us or struggle with inadequacy.  Any of these inward areas can also kidnap our passion as men.  We must recognize these thieves and begin to fight back against them Liam Neeson style!

One of the biggest keys to winning the passion battle is recognition.  

What is something that is robbing you of your natural passion as a man?  

What excuses are you making for it?

 Let’s decide right now to begin the fight and stop our passions from being taken.

If you want some help with your passions, I have a free resource I created to empower men.  It is called the 3 Day Dare and it helps men learn how to bring focus to their passions.  Check it out HERE!

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