The Action-Adventure Life

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Have you ever sat and watched the trailers after a big action-adventure movie?  How many people does it take to make a two-hour movie?  Thousands!!  While waiting around for Marvel movies to end you go through a seemingly endless list of names.  All of these people focus on some aspect of the movie or the behind the scenes events to make the movie happen.

What if we took a movie approach to our life?  Over the next few weeks, we are going to look at our life from the lens of a movie.  If we want to live a real day-to-day action-adventure life, there are some things we need to focus on.  This week we are going to talk about our Adventure Life Story: People who make movies will always say, “Story is everything.”  Without a good story, movies often don’t do well.  What about your life story? Let’s look at the power of story in our lives today.

Story Creation

  1. What story are you living in?  Many people live a life that is really not theirs.  They live a life that someone else either forced on them or a life they have “resigned” to live themselves.  They either think they can’t do any better or are trapped.  

  2. The reality of the situation is that you are the only author of your life.  Even if things were done to you or pressure was put on you in the past, today you can take ownership of your life.  This takes away the authority others have exerted over you, but it also forces you to take responsibility for every aspect of your life.  When a screenwriter writes a movie script, he is responsible for what is in the script.  You are the author of your own story.

Story Setting

  1. Stories take place in locations.  They can be in space, or on the sea, or on land somewhere.  The focus of the story happens in the main location.  Where is your life right now?  Are you a single student about to graduate college?  Are you a dad with a wife and a couple of kids?  Are your kids older and about to attend college?  All of these scenarios influence the story and what you do with the story of your life.

  2. You have to honestly look at the current realities of your everyday life.  If you have children at home, your priorities will be very different from the single guy who is about to graduate college.  Understand this and work within the framework you have.  Don’t try to change the story’s setting or dream of “What could have been”, but focus on thriving in the story now.

Story Focus

  1. Often when planning a movie the creators will create storyboards.  These are usually some type of bulletin boards with cards on them mapping out the story.  They do this to see the big picture and to focus on the direction of the story.  Storyboarding helps to make sure the story stays focused and doesn’t get lost in distractions. 

  2. What if you storyboarded where you want your life to go from right now?  What would it look like?  The reason these are important questions is that they help us to focus on the direction we are headed.  You are the author of your storyboard.  No one will focus on your life better than you, so why let someone else do it?

Here are three questions to focus on for this week:

  1. What story are you living in?

  2. Where is your story currently?

  3. What if you made a storyboard of the next 10 years of your life, what would it look like?

Answer these questions and you will start the process of truly living an action-adventure life.

I’d love to get your thoughts, you can comment below or go to my FB page


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