The Character Behind Action

Many men want to be men of action, but they often forget that action isn't just what we do, it is why we do it. This proves that a person's character really is the foundation of their actions. What a man is really like on the inside will eventually show in his actions. All men need to look at 3 areas of character in their life to improve their actions

The Inside War

This is a reality for many men because they have a war going on in their heads. They have to choose what they do every day and those choices come from their thoughts. This is why what is on the inside is so important for men. Our character and integrity must be kept in shape as men.

Men must battle their own insecurities and fears if they want to be men of action. They must constantly be looking at their inner motivations to focus their actions

Being a Forever Student

Action grows and improves with learning and it is important for men to understand that learning is a habit. We don't learn on accident, but only with applied pursuit of knowledge and wisdom.

We can learn from unexpected sources in our life, but we must keep a look out for them. Some men have a hard time learning because their pride keeps them from being a student. They don't like admitting that they don't know something.

Learning helps us develop outside perspective as men. This is something we get from others and we can develop within ourselves with things like journaling

The Practice Mentality

The loop of practice is what separates the players and the champions. Great champions practice all the time. George Patton talked about this in this quote: “If brevity is the soul of wit, then repetition is the heart of instruction."

Practice - Feedback - Performance is the loop that champions follow. Practice is planned improvement. The practice mentality craves feedback. Performance is a form of accountability.

As men we have accountability to make us perform since we don't have a field of play. Men must make themselves accountable to be better men.

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