The Family Point Guard

March Madness in College basketball is about to start. I was thinking how what we are supposed to do as men can be represented in many ways through basketball when it comes to leadership. As men, we are the point guards. We should be the ones who are willing to take the leadership roles in our own lives, in our families, and at work. Every man is a point guard and he should do three things:

1. Bring the ball down, 2. Give Direction, 3. Make Assists

Bring the ball down

  • Just like a point guard brings the ball down the majority of the time a man should be the one to do that for his family. He does this by assuming responsibility for himself and for them. He must take an attitude of ownership. This doesn't mean he is a dictator, actually it is the opposite. He focuses on serving and seeking the higher good for himself and his family.

  • To truly lead your family you must lead yourself first. Just like in basketball. A point guard with no skill or direction won't help the team. A man who is consumed with other things won't be much use to his family. A man who leads himself is a man who does what needs to be done and doesn't always do what he may feel. Leading yourself is taking care of yourself in healthy ways so you can help others. This is not a selfish focus because the motivation for leading yourself comes from the motivation of helping others.

Give direction

  • Point guards set up the play and give direction to the team. Men are called to give direction to their family. This means they have a vision and guide the family with that vision. Too many men only focus on providing for their family. This is not a vision but an obligation and brings no real direction to the family. Direction starts in your life as a man and you must seek to have clear direction. Too many men are caught up in survival and aren't living on purpose. Don't be afraid of being perfect, just start moving in a direction.

  • This is why growth is so important to men. Men must keep growing or they will tend to get lethargic and lazy. Too many men stop trying to grow for different reasons and develop a "what's the use" attitude and it hurts everyone. Men must have personal direction in their life in order to give direction to their family.

Make Assists

  • The best point guards in basketball, make the other members of the team look good. They pass the ball to them in the best situation for them to score. One of the main roles of a man in the family is to encourage the gifts and abilities of others in the family. As the point guard, men should focus on what helps the other members of the family be successful! Men should make it a priority to see their wife and their kids us their individual gifts to the best of their abilities

  • Men should always seek to be students of their wife and their children. They should seek to connect and grow in a relationship with their family so they can help them succeed. The strong relationships will give men the direction on how to best help their family. Men must be the relational pursuers of the family. When a man seeks a strong relationship with his wife and his kids, they will open up and help him know how he can serve them the best. When a man sits back and waits for the other members of his family to "come to him," he is not acting like a point guard. A man's ability to be a point guard to his family comes directly from his ability to relationally connect with his family.

For a man to be effective point guard, he must bring the ball down by taking responsibility for himself and his family. He must give direction by having a personal vision and a family vision. He must make assists by growing in his relationships so he can help the other members of his family succeed. As men take the focus off of themselves and start focusing on others, they make a much more powerful positive impact on the world.

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