The Frontier of Failure

My son was on a missions trip to Alaska with a group of students from Mississippi.  During a day off they were invited to climb up Mt. Ripinski.  Now being from MS no one in the group was really ready to climb a 3000 ft summit.  However many of them started.  Before they got too far, many had dropped out.  It was not an easy climb and people from MS do not usually have good climbing shoes.  My son was determined to make it to the summit.  The climb was long and tough and his feet hurt for much of the trip.  However, the time at the summit was amazing and he will always have the memories of that climb.  No one can take it away from him.  Plus, he earned some respect from the Alaskans who guided him up to the top.

When was the last time you tried something new?  Too many men today have cocooned themselves into a bubble of safety in their life because they are afraid of failing.  Failure is part of life and we need to look at it with a different attitude.  If my son had not tried, he would not have the memory of being at the top of Mt Ripinski.

Failure Improves Memory

  • When we fail, we usually remember what we did and we don’t do it again.  This is a great teacher and helps us grow.  We learn how not to do something and we are wiser for the effort.  No one likes to fail, but if we put the time in and learn something new, the failure pays off.  

  • One of the great things about gaming is our character gets a chance to play again.  We may have lost a game, but the next round we have some new knowledge.  What if we approached life that way?  What if we looked at new things with excitement instead of dread.  Sometimes older people start resisting learning new things because they are afraid, however if they jump in and are willing to learn, they open up new thought processes for themselves.  

Failure Shows Effort

  • If we never fail at anything, we aren’t really pushing ourselves.  Growth comes as we try new things and new things mean that we won’t always be instantly great at it.  However, we have to look with an attitude of effort.  Would it be better to not try and not fail or to try and possibly fail, but still grow?  Growth is always preferable to apathy.  Apathy fears failure.  Growth befriends failure.

  • Why not try?  Why sit around and live a boring life with no growth?  Safety is overrated.  Of course, we shouldn’t live dangerously, but if we never try anything new, we are guaranteeing our own demise.  Too many men have taken the safe route and end up living a life they later regret.  When people brag more about their high school days than any other time in their life, they are telling everyone that they stopped growing.  Our best days are out on the frontier and challenging us to accept the adventure.  Don’t fear failure, accept it as a sign that you are moving in a new direction.  

Your adventure is ready to be lived, but it won’t happen if you let fear take away your power.  Decide to fight that fear and walk out into the unknown to live your adventure!

Maybe your fear of failure has you paralyzed.  I would love to help you overcome and start living your adventure!  Let’s set up a free coaching call to help you begin your own adventure.  Free Coaching Call

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