The Inner Adventure

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Men long to do something of significance.  To live a life of adventure.  Too often we think living an adventure involves a quest to a far off jungle, but everyday life has enough adventure for us if we are willing to accept the challenge.  Too many of us have checked out of everyday life and are living on autopilot.  We must make a conscious decision to go on the quest that is worthy of our lives.  The adventure of every day starts with the hardest adventure of all: The Inner Adventure.

Throughout history, men have struggled with inner adventures.  We have seen men who accomplish great things in public, but their private lives were a hot mess.  If we do not win the inner adventure first, the outer adventures will lose their significance.  We will just join a long line of men who may have conquered part of the world, but could not conquer themselves.  The hardest adventure to walk out is the inner adventure and the men who are willing to do it find a core strength to accomplish great things.  The beginning of the adventure starts when we assess our inner landscape.  We must be honest and know our personal condition before we can move toward our adventure.  The courage to look within and be objective starts our inner adventure.  There are four areas to assess as we start the inner adventure.  This week we will focus on the first two.

Emotional Realities

  1. We live as emotional creatures and too often as men we deny and run from our emotions.  Many men live emotionally impotent lives because of the fear of dealing with their feelings.  Feelings have a purpose.  God did not give us feelings to run away from them.  As I have been walking the grief journey of my wife’s death, emotions have played a huge role.  They have helped me understand where I am at and they have helped me be able to process the mixed up jumble of feelings I often have rolling around in my head.  To deny the feelings would be wrong, but if I do not process them properly they become a weight that I get to carry around.

  2. Many of us carry the excess weight of emotions that we do not know how to deal with.  We must be willing to get honest about what we feel and learn how to feel.  If we do not, our lack of emotional growth will hinder any and all of our relationships.  We cannot effectively connect with a spouse, or children if we are emotionally impotent.  We must find ways to recognize and deal with our emotions.  One of the easiest ways to start is with a journal.  Writing forces us to think and feel.  Writing in a journal can be awkward at first, but the more we do it the better we will get at it.  There are many more techniques to help, but the key is to just start! Here is a great journal to help get you started: Full Focus Journal. It has questions that guide you and help you. I’ve been using it for the last 6 months and love it!

Physical Weaknesses

  1. We cannot go on an adventure if we are physically too weak to go.  This does not mean we have to go run a marathon, but for many men, their lack of physical care hurts them in every other area.  Too often we as men get to a point where we seem to “give up.”  We may have been an athlete and been in great shape when we were young, but now we haven’t seen our toes in years and our list of medications grows by the week.  We must deal with this reality in order to fully engage in our adventure.  Many men come home from a tough day of work completely exhausted due to their lack of physical health.  The problem becomes the families problem because they are cranky or emotionally distant and not willing to connect.

  2. We must assess the truth of our physical state, not in a shaming way, but in a realistic way.  We do not have to have six-pack abs to be physically stronger, but we cannot deny that too often our physical weaknesses puts a burden on the whole family.  Now we are not talking about genuine sickness or weakness.  We are talking about the things we can do something about each day.  Eating healthier and exercising are two simple things we can do as men that give us the power to live our adventure.  If we deny the truth of our physical state, we are missing an important part of our adventure.

The inner adventure looks different for every man, however, the emotional and physical realities of their life must be dealt with by every man.  We cannot ignore the truth that our emotional impotence or our physical weaknesses hurt our ability to truly live a life of adventure that makes an impact in our world.  We are not trying to be perfect, we are trying to be better.  As men, we must be willing to walk the road of inner adventure or our potential will never be fulfilled.

What are the emotional and physical issues you need to start with?   Answer those questions honestly and start your adventure!


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