The Inner Sloth

The movie Zootopia has one of my favorite characters in the world, the Sloths.  They work at the DMV, of course, and they are hilarious.  The thing that makes them funny is the little bit of truth that goes along with the character.  Many people have gone to the DMV and had to wait and it feels like everything moves so slow!  Sloths are slow moving creatures and are not very dangerous, but one time a friend of mine brought up a great point.  He said  that the sloth has some amazing claws and if they ever figured out how to move fast they would be dangerous!  He is right.  The claws of sloths are amazing, but as long as they move slow they will never be a real danger.  

Many of us as men deal with an inner sloth.  We deal with that part of us that wants to move slow and not try new things or not try to fix things.  The problem with that is our inner sloth can keep us from fully living our adventure.  We overcome the inner sloth with a couple of mental changes.

Progress over Perfection

  • Inner sloths love to use the phrase, “If you can’t do it right, don’t do it at all.”  The problem with that saying is it can paralyze us and we don’t try new things.  Many men stop growing because they have messed up or think they can never win so they quit trying.  We have to learn that we will never be perfect, but we can make progress.

  • Progress should be our goal, not perfection.  The mindset change of this is huge for men.  When they give themselves permission to go all out for progress and not perfection, they will get a whole lot closer to perfection.  Too often we overthink and keep ourselves from growing or achieving because our mindset holds us back.  We must become progress minded instead of perfection minded

Little Daily Decisions

  • Getting better at things doesn’t happen all at once.  It takes the little daily decisions.  Athletes will tell you that the off-season can be more important than the season because their little decisions during the off-season set up how the season will turn out.  When we as men make the positive daily decisions, we will always see progress.

  • Tomorrow never comes when it comes to little daily decisions.  The time to start on them is now.  Plenty of people wait until the new year or next month or some other time to start a change in their life.  The time to start is now.  Why wait?  What is one little thing you could do to make progress?  Start changing your mindset and you will be amazed how much progress you can make.

Nothing from the outside can defeat your inner sloth.  You must make the mindset change.  However you can do it with the mindset changes of progress over perfectionism and the little daily decisions.  

So sharpen your claws and turn your inner sloth into a dangerous weapon!

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