The Inward Dad

There is a difference between being a father and being a dad. Any man can be a father, but not all men can be dads. A dad is a man who takes the time to invest in his children and help them develop as whole healthy people. To be a good dad a man must start inwardly. He must do the things to be an inward dad before he can hope to impact his children in a positive way. An inward dad challenges himself, secures himself, and balances himself.

An Inward Dad Challenges Himself

  • Challenging ourselves as men is something we love to talk about and watch in movies, but it is hard to do in the everyday

  • A man must challenge himself within

  • The status quo feels safe and that is why so many men move toward it

  • A dad is a man who hasn't stopped challenging himself

  • As a man leads himself, he will lead his family

  • Your battle to grow as a man directly impacts the kind of husband and father you will be

An Inward Dad Secures Himself

  • Many men are living with a self-imposed green screen in their life

  • They are projecting what they 'think' of themselves or what they "wish" about themselves

  • Ever man should know their real selves without their masks

  • This takes self-examination (the inward journey) that few men take the time to do

  • A man who is secure in himself is a better parent because he doesn't allow his kids to define him

  • Some men are "mask dads" they put on a mask of the dad when other people are around

  • This is "parenting for others"

  • Keep growing and being secure in who you are as a man, you'll be a better dad for it

An Inward Dad Balances Himself

  • Balancing yourself is understanding an important part of life: "Life is full of seasons and rhythms"

  • As a man, You must seek to balance yourself in the midst of the seasons you are in

  • Don't allow the busy season or the restful season to define you

  • You want to be centered in your own identity as a man so you can handle the different seasons of life

  • Self-Care is the energy that fuels your ability to truly care and serve others

  • A balanced dad understands his need to stay strong in the seasons of life

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