The Kingdom of Your Mind

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Treachery lurks in the kingdom.  Many powerful factions live to usurp your power.  You live as the king of your own mind, but you have to remember that there will always be plots and power moves to take you out.  Who are the rebels?  Who are the ones trying to take your power and control you?  Your own Appetites!  How do you win?

How do you fight the battle when the battle is within.  The battle for the throne of your mind can only be won when you decide to actually be the ruler of your own mind and not a slave to your own appetites.  This starts with how you think and what you think.

Appetites Want to Win

  1. Appetites live in us and reside as a normal part of our life.  However, we have to remember that they will always want to win the battle for our minds.  Our appetites exist in an atmosphere of selfishness and they will always want to have their own way.  We must stay diligent in remembering that appetites will always want to take us past the point of normal.  They say things like, “Eat some more, it will go to waste,” or “What’s the big deal, you aren’t hurting anyone.”  These saying are enticing, but they always bring destruction

  2. Appetites want rulership and will keep trying until they get it.  The battle isn’t just with the easy to recognize appetites like gluttony or lust, but also the ones like greed and selfishness.  We have to remember as men that if our appetites control us, we cannot live our full adventure.  We will be weakened and will go passive in our life.  Appetites thrive in a passive atmosphere.

Appetites need Discipline and Direction

  1. Since appetites are normal we should not try to get rid of them, but should work to keep them managed.  Appetites need discipline and direction to function properly.  When they lack those two elements, they will grow in strength and eventually take over a man’s mental kingdom.  Men must decide to bring their appetites into submission.

  2. Appetite management can function as a habit in our life.  We must start with one and then work our way to the others.  Too many men try to tackle all their appetites at once.  This can doom them to failure because they have no built up strength to overcome the battles.  Write out a list of the key appetites you are battling and pick one to focus on.  Get help from friends and coaches and overcome that one area, then use the strength you have to start battling the others.  The feeling of victory fuels our fight and will help us the stay in the battle.

Don’t be discouraged if you have spent a lifetime of losing to your own appetites.  All men have areas they struggle with, so you are not alone.  Take some time to pick the ones you want to fight, get some help and seize control of your mental throne.

What are some key appetites you have battled?  How did you overcome?  Leave some comments below to help other guys out.


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