The Man Map

When is the last time you have used or seen a paper map?  I’m sure someone still makes them, but I can’t remember the last time I saw one.  I’m a phone guy now.  I don’t even use a separate gps in the car, I just use my phone.  I’ve used a bunch of apps to help me find stuff.  I know that they aren’t perfect but they will get me closer than if I don’t have them.  I have learned painstakingly that you still have to pay attention because sometimes map apps do dumb things.  One time I put in a movie theater in a town I didn’t know and ended up at someone’s house!  They weren’t showing any movies either!

The question for us as men has to do with our direction.  Are we using anything to guide us where we are going?  Too many men don’t have a focus and are just wandering around.  This leads too many to wake up one day and decide to check out of life because they never did what “they” wanted too.  Men have to decide to live with focused direction or they will live without direction and wander through life.

No Direction

  • Too many men are not making a decision about their direction.  They live in survival mode.  They just want to make it to the next day, week, or month and end up doing a little bit of everything and conquering very little.  Survival mode comes very easily when life speeds up.  Getting married, having kids, moving up in a job are all things that can increase the busyness of life, but don’t give us any direction.  

  • Having no real direction also encourages more short-term thinking.  Instead of looking toward the long-term, we focus on the right now and miss opportunities.  Many men do this in areas such as their family or their finances.  They are so focused on the short-term they miss their children growing up or the debt they are building up  Short term thinking flows naturally out of survivor mode but it won’t help us build a strong life.

Focused Direction

  • When men choose a direction of their life, they are choosing to think with long-term thinking.  This causes them to look at daily choices in the context of long-term consequences.  This helps men choose priorities and put off short-term gains for long-term gains.  Choosing long-term helps men to focus on their values more than survival.  This gives them greater capability to build a solid long-term life that is less likely to burn out

  • The beauty of picking a direction comes from the fact that the directions can change and aren't set in stone.  We may have wanted to be a professional athlete when we were in high school, but figured out that we don’t have that capability.  This is not a negative because the dedication and hard work in High School helped to shape us into the men we are today. Having a direction brought benefits even if the direction changed.

Don’t be afraid to make plans, even if they don’t happen the way you expect, you will become a better person by just making the plans and working toward them. A moving car is easier to steer than a parked car!

If you had a Man Map, what direction would you be going on it?

If you want to start moving, I have a free resource.  It is called the Three Day Dare and it will help you harass your passion for a better life!

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