The Mental War

Action starts in our mind as men. We are living in a mental war and every man has mental battles. George Patton understood the mental war, "Cowardice is a disease and it must be checked before it becomes epidemic."

This is true for us as men. We all have mental battles that will overcome us if we don't fight them. We have to engage our brains and challenge ourselves to grow.

We do that by overcoming the three main mental war areas men deal with: Insecurity, Weakness, Authenticity

Insecurity Battles

Men often drive themselves because of insecurity instead of purpose. Proving themselves becomes their purpose. Insecurity can motivate us, but it should never be a purpose.

When insecurity becomes our purpose, our insecurities will consume us and breed more insecurity. No matter how much you achieve, it will never be enough.

Insecurities also keep us from moving in new directions. We are afraid and so we stop trying new things. This is why so many men only focus on work and doing things.

Weakness Battles

Every man has weaknesses and struggles. They can be serious or they can be no big deal, but every man has struggles. We have to understand that as men and quit trying to act like we are perfect or have it all together. Some men only focus on "little" weaknesses to hide the "major" weaknesses. This form of manipulation always catches up to us.

They key to over coming is to know our own history. Reviewing your own history helps you see the trends of your own weakness.

You want to take time to contemplate your life and your motivations. If you don't, you will be doomed to repeat your own mistakes and never grow or win the mental battle over your weaknesses.

Authenticity Battles

Who are you? As men we often answer this question based on what we do because we don't really know who we are. Men are doers and that is our design, but it isn't who we are.

Many men stay busy because they are filling their life so they don't have to answer the questions of who they really are on the inside.

The authentic us is the person we are left with when all the stuff and achievements are gone. Authenticity is knowing who you really are as a man. It doesn't happen by accident and it does take work to figure it out.

Men can only win the mental war by being honest with themselves and knowing themselves authentically.

Winning Starts in Our Minds

You can win the mental war. It will take work, but it can be done!

Don't quit or settle as a man.

“Never stop being ambitious. You have but one life, live it to the fullest of glory and be willing to pay any price” George Patton

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