The Mind Map

Whenever I'm in a new town I love trying new restaurants. The biggest question is finding them and that is where my phone maps are great.

They take me to where I want to go in a quick way.

As a man what guides you and the decisions you make in your life? Too many men today are just surviving.

You need a mind map to guide you and keep you on the right path.

The 4 Elements of a Mind Map: Purpose, Direction, Action, Habits

Purpose Decides Direction

Everything in our life flows from our purpose. Lack of purpose keeps too many men from growing into their destiny. They remain big kids!

Men always live a better life when they have a noble purpose. Men always live better lives when they have a noble purpose.

When a man finds his purpose, he gains clarity on where he wants to go. Purpose gives you the "where" to go with your life. This gives you direction as a man.

The mind map flows from your purpose. Motivation comes from our purpose. If you don't have a direction, it may be because you don't have a purpose.

Purpose isn't perfection and as men we should seek to move in a direction even if we make mistakes along the way. Direction and movement is always better than stagnation.

Direction Decides Action

Once you gain a sense of direction, you need to take action. Action moves us in the direction we need to go. Many men are stuck in the mode of talking without taking action.

Action is the natural outflow of direction. When you have direction, you WANT to take action.

Our motivation for action isn't something we have to make up. It will flow naturally from our sense of direction and purpose.

Many men never take action because they have no direction.

Men without direction are dangerous men for our society. Your direction as a man will always decide your action.

Find your purpose and direction, and your action will follow.

Action Decides Habits

When you want to take action, the question becomes: "What action should I take?"

Habits are the manifestation of action. When you want to take action, you form habits. Action without habits wastes your energy.

Habits are a way of focusing your action. Focused action brings real change in your life and through your life.

People want to change the world, but that always starts with you changing yourself. This comes through changing our habits.

Habits don't change you, habits obey you. The power isn't in the habit, but in the purpose behind the habit.

Men who have trouble with establishing good habits have trouble with their purpose. You can blame the habit, but it is your lack of purpose that is the big problem.

When a man has a purpose and direction, he will focus his action into his habits

Understand that habits take time to build. Too many men think change can be quick, but real change takes time because you are wrestling with how much you really want your purpose.

Your Mind

Your mind is yours to control, but if you don't give it direction you will waste a lot of energy.

Your mind needs a mind map that flows from PURPOSE, DIRECTION, ACTION, AND HABITS.

Take some time this week to review your purpose. Do you have one? If you need help with your purpose, check out The Confident Man Digital Course.

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